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Version 2.0 of Skammer216's "Kadrala: Islands" is a small improvement on a map that - to be fair - didn't require much in the way of improve...


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Version 2.0 of Skammer216's "Kadrala: Islands" is a small improvement on a map that - to be fair - didn't require much in the way of improvement anyway.

The map itself is virtually unchanged (except for the addition of a small easter egg that promotes an upcoming map of his) - which isn't a bad thing. The map was probably the strongest point of his previous submission and it remains that way for this one. It is (to repeat) a well designed-simple map that effectively conveys the setting, and that's all I'll ask of a map.

The biggest change lies in the sides added. There are still some standard-ish sides for the CW and GCW, which I like and prefer above the other sides - they don't feel like they're overdoing it. There's a "Gametoast" era, which has a few members from Gametoast with units of their own choosing (which inevitably led to some rather ridiculous units). Skammer did a pretty decent job of not making the units too overpowered, but even the same it was very hard to take them very seriously. I think that the map is a bit worse off, in terms of professionalism, with this, but I'm sure there will be plenty of people who like them, so your mileage may vary.

The other point about the sides is that a pseudo-sides mod ("Extended GCW") mode was added to the stock Mygeeto. It's an interesting assortment of new units (with a fairly liberal use of the orbital strike - everyone sure loves this weapon) and weapons. The pace is a little more frenetic than the stock sides, with a few more explosions. Despite the amped-up weapons, I think it's a lot better than the GT sides above, simply because it still feels more coherent and true-to-form for Star Wars.

There were still a few more bugs, like some missing localizations and sounds, but at the least, all the freezing bugs (anything related to the award weapons glitch) were removed. While not a bug, it's worth mentioning that conquest mode now has a two-minute countdown to victory timer, which is pretty annoying.

Anyway, certainly a good download and worth a look.


Edit: For those wondering why this file was uploaded twice, it looks like both Saitek and I uploaded at the same time. Weird, but these things will happen every once in a while. The issue has been fixed.

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Download 'dis.7z' (57.85MB)

Extract the 7z archive. Put the folder 'DIS' in your BF2 addon folder.
If you have either XCW beta or Kadrala (any version) installed, remove them prior to installing.

Improvements Since V1:
Corrected stupid award weapon bugs.
Added hunt mode - clones versus acklay.
Added custom GCW era (much better than CW) and custom 'GT (gametoast) era.
Added Mygeeto XCW era. Basically, if you have this installed, you can play with the GCW sides from this map on mygeeto. Its 'extended civil war' era, on 'conquest' only.
Added a proper easter egg.
Added planes to GCW era.
All pens now contain acklay.
Aircraft crash less.
Added sounds for aircraft.

Looking straight up at the sky (ie into the middle bit) in freecam causes crash. No idea why, have changed sky file completely several times.
Sky has line where textures don't quite match up. Hardly noticeable.
Switching teams in Control mode screws up the timer display (displays both teams timers at once).
A few weapons *may* be unlocalized. Rebel hero on mygeeto is unlocalized too.
Control mode shows up as 1-flag CTF on instant action menu.
Carbonite Grenades don't do anything on Mygeeto.

Pandemic/Lucas Arts - BF2/Mod Tools.
Gametoast users - for Modding support. Lots of it.
AceMasterMind - caped Grievous.
FragMe! - for the MAF (compiled some BF1/2 assets, although these were changed a lot). Wazmol - for dead clones.
Fingerfood - uploading BF1 Assets.
Commander_Fordo - clone skins.
MasterSaitek009 - force stasis- carbonite grenade is based on it.
[RDH]Zerted - code for carb grenade, helping fix it.
Maveritchell - help on various problems.
Rends - tut on adding sounds.

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