Kafah Minor

Let me begin by apologizing to the author for how long it took to get this file posted. The whole staff is sorry for the delay and thank you...


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Let me begin by apologizing to the author for how long it took to get this file posted. The whole staff is sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience! Now, onto the map.

Kafah Minor is an interesting mix of Endor, Hoth, and Mygeeto. And let me say that it works. The snow, pine trees, and Mygeetan buildings all go together very well. But as it is with all maps there's room for improvement. The overall look of the map is a little simplistic and doesn't have a lot of detail. My suggestion would be to add some logs, rocks, destroyed Mygeetan buildings, crates, and barrels. Small things like that can give a LOT to a map.

The design is very nice. Most of the CP's are in the center of the map so the action is constant and you don't have to run far. Though I have to admit that some of the CP's are a little too close together so if two opposing teams have CP's next to each other there's a strong possibility that you'll be spawn-killed. You might want to consider spacing them out a bit more, but not too much.

There are a few bugs I'd like to point out. The AT-RT and GCW speederbike are missing their sounds which sort of kills the mood of battle. There's a tutorial for adding missing sounds but it's complicated. An easier way would be dropping out all the speeders (in both eras) so you can get sounds for the rest of the vehicles working. For the Clone Wars era, you can call the Utapau sounds in your lua which will give the AT-RT its sound and keep the AAT's. Another thing that caught my attention was the planning. Some AI ran into buildings so you might want to check your pathes in Planning Mode. And if you don't have barriers I'd suggest that you add those to fix the problem.

One more small, but personal, suggestion: Consider changing the sky texture. It's just a personal thing but I don't like the default sky and in my opinion it doesn't go very well with the map. Again, this is just a personal suggestion so it's not really important.

If this is your first map, great job! The map is impressive and I was NEVER bored. I'll be looking forward to your next map!

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Download 'kaf.zip' (9.07MB)


Kafah Minor: A small planet like moon covered in snowy forests.


For the Empire and Rebels:
The Empire has located a Secret Rebel Alliance Research Facility. Darth Vader swiftly orders for its destruction.

For the Clone Wars:
An abandoned research Facility has been found in the outer rim and the race to uncover its secrets is on! A large battle is fought between the CIS and the Republic for possesion of the Facility.

entire level by a_speck_of_dust  (my SWBFII online name)


To install, extract the files and simply take the the "KAF" file and put  it in "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon" (with no quotes of course).

Kafah minor and its story  are  trade marks under joshotopia.com

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