Kafah Minor

NOTE: The regular download seems to be broken, I dunno what's wrong with it. Until fixed, her...

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NOTE: The regular download seems to be broken, I dunno what's wrong with it. Until fixed, here's an alternate link to download from.

Here's an update to Kafah Minor from a_speck_of_dust.

A snowy forest map? It's a unique setting, and a lot of attention has been paid to it. Everyone's seen the harsh desert, the lush forest, the barren asteroid, but something as simple as putting snow in a forest makes it really stand out. Every tree has been individually placed (a nightmarish chore, to say the least), and they're all at about the right density, giving the feel of the semi-sparse woodland. It all comes off very nicely, textures are good, falling snow, etc.

Now, for the battle itself. There's a lot of units. I'd say a bit too many, myself, for the size of this map. They all tunnel towards the center base, and after one team takes it, it's virtually impossible to get that cp away, due to the hordes of units that continually spawn. Not that the enemy hordes don't try. The beam turrets mow down the attackers, and unless the player takes it upon themself to sneak around to one of the less-spawned-from cps, the battle stalls out there. Not to say it isn't fun in the chaos that takes place, I'd just like a bit more places for the chaos, or some result from it.

Overall, it's a very pretty map, crunching through the snow is fun, and the fighting doesn't really fail anywhere, I'd just like some more spots of contention.


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Kafah Minor

Region: outer Rim
System: Kafah System
Terrain: forested mountains


For the Galactic Civil Wars:
The Empire has located a Secret Rebel Alliance Research Facility. Darth Vader swiftly 
orders for its destruction.

For the Clone Wars:
An abandoned research Facility has been found in the outer rim and the race to uncover 
its secrets is on! A large battle is fought between the CIS and the Republic for 
possession of the Facility.


-Better AI (especially for vehicles)

-more troops; makes the battle more intense

-effects like snow and new explosions added

-sounds for at-st's and speeder bikes

-retextured objects such as the tree leaves (now covered in snow)

-battledroid unit added to CIS side.

-much more stunning lighting

-magnaguard is now the "toxin droid" (same weapons, but now in battledroid form -and 
unlimited debuff poisoning)

-Republic Hero changed to Mace Windu

-Empire Hero changed to the Emperor

-weapons and troops named more accurately


To install, extract the files and simply take the the "KAF" file and put  it in 
"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon" (with no quotes 
of course).

*Entire map by a_speck_of_dust  (my online SWBFII and filefront name)

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