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With Kamino: Breakout, Phazon_Elite brings us his stylized version of the stock Kamino map. It is the Kamino map, no part touc...


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With Kamino: Breakout, Phazon_Elite brings us his stylized version of the stock Kamino map. It is the Kamino map, no part touched, so those of you familiar with the map will feel right at home. What Phazon's done is give us a new take on what he feels the units should be, in addition to adding in hunt and hero assault modes.

The most apparent thing about this map is the change in the Republic side. He spent the most amount of time on this, and it shows. He's revamped the setup of the heavy trooper class, tweaked most if not all of their weapons, and added the Clone Commando as an unlockable unit. He also spent a good deal of time localizing the weapons to their (presumably) accurate names. The CIS is not unchanged, though, either. Perhaps the largest change (for the CIS) is giving the Magnaguard back his staff, which I'm a fan of. Also, Phazon's reskinned the CIS to a light-ish blue.

GCW modes are largely unchanged, although Clone Commando fans will be pleased to note that the Clone Commando makes an appearance as the Imperial Clone Commando for the Empire. In both modes (CW and GCW), however, it appears that the addition of commando units comes at a cost to that team, as any side with commandoes has no hero. Also, and somewhat inexplicably, Han Solo was relocalized to "Ham Salad."

Hunt mode is interesting in that it pits the Imperials against the Republic, apparently out-of-canon. The Imperial side, this time, is the one that remains largely unchanged, and perhaps to its detriment. It falls quickly to the modified Republic side. (In a particularly memorable first runthrough, I managed to win hunt mode as an ARC trooper with the Imperials only getting one or two kills the whole game. Total.)

Finally, Hero Assault. I can't say I was a fan of this - although to be fair, I don't have the conversion pack. I'm not a huge fan of having to download an entire mod to play a map. However, it's certainly not like this is the only mode of play for this map, so it's not really skin off my back. Hero Assault was also notably sloppy - it looked like it was cobbled together from an assault map, a 2-flag map, and a conquest map.

Anyway, sloppiness aside, it's not buggy except for one problem with the Jango unit in CW Conquest, which may cause a CTD. Further notes on that in the readme.


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Download 'kamino_breakout_v.1.0.7z' (45.32MB)


                                                    **Kamino: Breakout**
			                  Version 1.0
Made by: phazon elite (filefront and forums)/elite_trooper (battlefrontfiles)
Date Completed for Release: Bah, who cares. 

This is my first mod for SWBF2. Skins are finished! No more skins will be made for this crazy thing. I hope you like 'em!

NOTE: You need the SWBF1 Conversion Pack 1.80 with the 1.81 patch or the full version of 1.81 to play Hero Assault, which is pretty fun.



Clone Wars

The CIS have just recently assaulted Kamino, and the Republic is running low on reinforcements as they continue to defend the main Cloning Facility. 

The CIS has the upper hand at the moment, significantly outnumbering the Republic forces by a fifth more 

It seems the CIS will win this battle. Things are looking down for the Republic forces.

So the Republic has no choice but to attempt a final breakout attack with their remaining troopers and Commandos

Then along came an ARC squad...


Installation: Just extract the KO1 folder with 7-ZIP or WinRAR to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon (AddON, addon, whatever)

Uninstallation: Delete the KO1 folder from your Addon folder




- almost every single weapon has been localized correctly to fit the Star Wars universe


- Reskin of Clone Trooper, Sharpshooter, and ARC Trooper

- The Red ARC Captain replaces the Clone Commander

- Clone engineer now has a DN Bolt Caster

- The ARC Trooper (ep2 rocketeer) is replaced by a Rail ARC Trooper because I never found his PLX Rocket Launcher to be useful on Kamino

- The clone weapons have been modified to be more realistic and out of order, so it's like some crazy fun or something

- And the last but certainly not least feature for the Republic is  (drum roll).............the Clone Commando!!! (yeah...maybe it might not blow your socks off)


- The CIS finally has some kick butt skins!

- The B-1 Battle Droid has replaced the Magnaguard (only in the list)

- The weapons were beefed up considerably to match the power of the possibly now overpowered clones

- Jango Fett has a new arsenal:
1. Westar 34 Blaster Pistol
2. New Flamethrower (new animation)
3. Kamino Darts
4. New Rocket Launcher


- Not much yet


- Imperial Clone Commando has been added


*Fixed Bugs and Issues*

- The sides for CW are now very well balanced. It's possible for either side to win. 

- The DC-15 carbine is fixed

- The issues with the CIS are now fixed

- The Heavy Rifle is back

- Magnaguard with the electrostaff is here. I'd use the one from the Conversion Pack, but I wanted him to have the ol' Bulldog, so sorry


*Known Bugs and Issues*

- The DN Bolt Caster doesn't have any sound because I didn't add it yet. I'm not sure I can legally, so tough luck there...

- Using one secondary weapon and switching, then firing too quickly with Jango Fett may crash the game. That's because you can't do the 1.5 second animation in 0.5 seconds....easy as that, lol

- Hero Assault is quite a bit "customer serviced" as in, shoved half way up its [raw danger!]. Here's the list of problems:

|The cp's (except one) are capturable, but there's technically an uncapturable cp for each side. More explained in the next one

|There's a weird bug with cp7 where cp5 is right on top of it, making a spawn bug with AI appearing in cp7

 It works as you'd expect (I hope you're expecting functional). This might not actually be an issue, since it adds a bit of originality with Hero Assault.


*Things To Do For Version 1.1

*= All things 100% unless stated otherwise

- Add flyers, but lower their max speed so they are actually manuverable ^idea CANCELLED. Too much spline and path work, and my computer crashes when it loads up Kamino anyway :(^

- Finish GCW Conquest*



- alex533: Clone Trooper skin
- MajinRevan: the .odf's for the Clone Commando
- Qdin: DC-17m ICWS
- Dragonum: DC-15s Side Arm Blaster
- Darth_Z13: working Clone Commando files (a.k.a. maj)
- OOM-9: DC-15S Blaster Carbine
- Moving Target and Murdocr: ARC Rifle
- MasterSkywalker: The original source files for the DC-15 carbine
- AceMastermind: The missing texture noIcon.tga for the DC-15 carbine
- Neomarz: Electrostaff
- Wazmol69: His source files that had the Electrostaff
- Special Thanks to: Syth and his BFII Asset Pack (which had the, Westar 34, Kamino Sabre Dart, and a lot more things)
- Teancum: Making the SWBF1 Conversion pack. If it weren't for him, my Hero Assault would suck

I obtained the working souce files for the Clone Commando (maj) from http://www.filefront.com (on Gametoast from Darth_Z13)



Legal Matters: These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or "plugged" into a mod without permission from me (elite_trooper, phazon elite).

Contact Info: For comments or questions, email me at [email protected] or just PM me on the forums (if you are part of them)

Have fun!


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