This is the absolute last file we have in our e-mail queue, all of our files from now on will probably only be from the new upload system (w...


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This is the absolute last file we have in our e-mail queue, all of our files from now on will probably only be from the new upload system (which is fantastic). To commemorate this significant occasion, I made an extra special review for this map. I felt that certain aspects of this map just couldn't be described in words, so I took a small amount of time and made a small map (1.5 MB download) that summarizes a lot of what I feel about this.

Kaminownage is fantastic, in its own special way.

This map, by tsurugi13, is basically Kamino, although it's been changed somewhat by the haphazard addition of various Kamino props (you're missing some textures - I noticed this on one of the bridge models).

What really "stands out" is the sides work. This is, unfortunately, another of the "crazy sides" ilk, which means unless you're a huge fan of senseless destruction or overdisplay of particle effects, you're up a creek, paddleless. What's truly unique about these sides is the fact that they're absolutely, well...

I think now is where it would be best to get to the special part of my review. Here's a "map" I made in about 15 minutes, summarizing what I feel are the big points of the sides for this map: http://files.filefront.com/LOLzip/;9757094;/fileinfo.html Don't worry, it's totally worth the download (only 1.5 MB). Extract folder LOL to your addon folder and try it out. Shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes. The map is called "Height of Ridiculous" in your Instant Action list.

Did you play through my "map review map?" That's basically the gist of this map. Things like the auto-shotgun and the rapidfire proton torpedo launcher make this unbelieveably silly.

Additionally, it should be noted that the author needs to make sure to do much tighter work on object placement. There are numerous object placement errors or points of sloppiness in this. I acknowledge that this is the author's first map, and as such can easily use this as a learning experience.

And I don't mean to be negative (even if most of this review and especially the review map is made in a tongue-in-cheek fashion) - the author is on the cusp of a solid grasp of a decent knowledge of .odf editing and sidesmaking in general. I would encourage him to work on fixing the minor errors (Imp hero melee issues, which are fixable), and the gameplay faults (the Bothan's beam weapon - that shake effect is uncalled for, it's almost nausea-inducing), and he's well on his way to some good sides work. Keep up trying (and be sure to ask around at Gametoast, we'll be more than happy to help fix errors like some mentioned above), and I'm sure we'll see some nice work from you in the future.

Likewise, I would make mention that anyone downloading should ignore CW conquest, as it's the default munged CW conquest.

If you like overly destructive sides, then this map should be your 24-karat purity.


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Download 'kaminownage_v2.zip' (142.56MB)


To install, copy the folder ABC into the directory C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon.

A modded version of the shipped kamino map, with new sides, overpowered (but somehow balanced) weapons, and changed terrain.

Known bugs: Mandalorian jedi stalls after sprint or jump attacks, changing back to his rifle fixes this.

Please post any problems you find so I can fix them in the next release!

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