Kashyyyk: Forest




I've never ever played such a great Kashyyyk map before :o This guy really knows what he's doing :D Of course I have alot of things I think he should have in as well :) I'd rather have it split up so to say so there's 7 spots where there's intense fightings instead of fightings scattered over the map :) I'd especially liek to have some CP-fights going on up at the treetops :D well - at least not so it's compeltely at the ground :)

Another thing would be to make an actual Mission out of this. Of course it'd require lots of planning, but I definately think your map can do it :D

Adding a few bombers which are slow but who can manouvre well would also be awesome - then of course adding alot of places to hide from cover :D

The last thing would be something unique. I'd suggest to place alot small trees, which actualyl have health, so they'll get destroyed when somebody's using it for cover :)

Great map! Keep it up - but the lst is that you haven't fixed the Super Battle droid's chunks xD *tsk tsk tsk* here's a link how to fix it: http://www.gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5169

Now you just gotta edit the assaulting sides to somethign awesome ;D




Kasshyyk: Forest (version 3.0 - The Apology Version)

Made by Jonathan Witt (a.k.a. "DarthDaddy")


Changes & Updates:  I finally got the unit count right (added ubermode - lol).  There are 150 units on the field at once for each side (see screenshot #1), so it is one awesome fight!  I also changed the positioning of some of the CP's to give more cover around them.  I also added some Wookiee platforms and buildings in the largest trees to make the map look more realistic, although you can't go up into them.  Foliage is also on the ground now to add to the realism even more, but it is sparse to keep everything from lagging.  I added an in-game map as well.

Now this map is more like what I had originally intended, but had been unable to accomplish until now.  It is a vast improvement over the previous versions.  I hesitate to call it "final" once again, but I think it really is now.


The Story:

Clone Wars – The wookiees are defending the heart of the forest on Kasshyyk against the CIS invasion forces.  Yoda has just arrived with the Republic forces to reinforce the wookiee positions.

Galactic Civil War – The Empire has returned to Kasshyyk on yet another slave raid, but this time the wookiees are being led by Chewbacca and his rebel friends in a counter-attack within the heart of the forest.


Installation:  First, create a new folder called "addon" in your "Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData" folder (unless you have already done so).  Second, extract the "KF1" folder from the zip into your "Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\AddOn" folder.  You should be good to go!

Gameplay:  I would still up the AI controlled units to 32.

Legal Matters:  These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or "plugged" into a mod without permission from me.  Also, it is likely that I will not update these files from their current form.  Thanks goes to Lucasarts for the materials and to George Lucas for the inspiration!

Contact Info:  For comments or questions, email [email protected].

May the force be with you in the game and may God be with you in real life!

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