Kashyyyk: Forest

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This map takes place on Kashyyyk's surface, amongst a great deal of trees as you might expect from a heavily forested planet. Although it seemed like there was actually fewer trees than there should be I can see how placing them would get real old real fast, and it would be a big drain to fps for those with weak-kneed computers. Though I didn't turn up any settings it seemed fighting was few and far between and maybe making the unit count something like 50-60 per side by means of ubermode would help. When I had the other team down to 1 reinforcement it took forever to hunt down the last few guys. It's droids versus primarily Wookiees (all maps were tested in clone wars), but there were some republic snipers and I think clone troops.

While much of the map may seem monotonous for all the trees there was something that really caught my attention. Clever use of he wooden barricades resulted in forts around the Wookiee bases (see screen 1). Of course the other team will start bombarding the forts as soon as they get in range and the individual sections don't last that long under fire, but it gives some cover while the defending team gets ready for an assault. There was a fort around each republic CP (about 5 I think) and though the front was open it was facing away from attack and the AI is, generally speaking, not clever enough to go around.

A problem that may irritate some people is with the trees. As mentioned in the readme some sections of the textures are missing(in the screens provided they are black, in my game they were white). This is likely due to a missing .tga.option.

Unfortunately with the size demanding lots of travel (something I hated in SWBF1 maps) it can take a while, and wasn't as impressive as his other maps. Still, if you crank up the unit count you should manage fine.





Kasshyyk: Forest

Made by Jonathan Witt (a.k.a. "DarthDaddy")

The Story:

Clone Wars – The wookiees are defending the heart of the forest on Kasshyyk against the CIS invasion forces.  Yoda has just arrived with the Republic forces to reinforce the wookiee positions.

Galactic Civil War – The Empire has returned to Kasshyyk on yet another slave raid, but this time the wookiees are being led by Chewbacca and his rebel friends in a counter-attack within the heart of the forest.

Installation: Copy the folder "KF1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Gameplay:  I highly recommend turning up the AI controlled opponents to 32 and upping the conquest reinforcements to 500, in order to produce the kind of fight these maps were designed for.

Acknowledgments:  This map is not without bugs, but provides action that can be both intense and enjoyable.  There are some strange texture problems on the trees that I never could figure out.

Legal Matters:  These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or "plugged" into a mod without permission from me.  Also, it is likely that I will not update these files from their current form.  Thanks goes to Lucasarts for the materials and to George Lucas for the inspiration!

Contact Info:  For comments or questions, email [email protected]  May God be with you!

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