Kashyyyk: Forest

This is the final version of Kashyyyk: Forest. I never played the first one, but I did take note of some of it's bugs and such. Those all se...


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This is the final version of Kashyyyk: Forest. I never played the first one, but I did take note of some of it's bugs and such. Those all seem to have been fixed this time around.

This is among the better maps that I've played for Battlefront II (I haven't played that many though) since everything looks nice and realistic. Unfortunetely I spent most of the time capturing CP's, and little time battling.

It also includes custom sides. You can actually select a hero from the character menu without having to do any unlocking, but unlockable heroes are still in the map too.

Though this is supposedly the final version I can see where this map could be improved.

-Add foilage. It'll definitely add to the forest feel of the map, therefore making it more realistic. But don't add too much because otherwise it'll make the map laggy. -Put in some water. This is mostly for scenic purposes; it'd make it look much better. -Increase the unit count. The map was fairly empty and there were barely any units out on the field. In fact I strongly recommend increasing the number of units. -Add more objects. The map was kinda...boring-looking since it only consisted of trees. What I suggest is downloading the Battlefront 1 mod tools and using the Kashyyyk props included in them. -Place objects around CPs. There are a lot of command posts that have absolutely no cover which, obviously, is no fun.

So the above are some suggestions to improve the map. Overall it's a nice level and I liked it. I recommend downloading this.

PS: Please do not include religious material in the files you post. It's inappropriate, especially when you're soliciting your beliefs to others. People come here for mod maps, not to hear "the word of Christ." Thanks!


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Download 'kf1.0.zip' (16.96MB)


Kasshyyk: Forest (Final Version)

Made by Jonathan Witt (a.k.a. "DarthDaddy")

The Story:

Clone Wars – The wookiees are defending the heart of the forest on Kasshyyk against the CIS invasion forces.  Yoda has just arrived with the Republic forces to reinforce the wookiee positions.

Galactic Civil War – The Empire has returned to Kasshyyk on yet another slave raid, but this time the wookiees are being led by Chewbacca and his rebel friends in a counter-attack within the heart of the forest.

Installation: Copy the folder "KF1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Gameplay:  I highly recommend turning up the AI controlled opponents to 32 and upping the conquest reinforcements to 500, in order to produce the kind of fight these maps were designed for.

Acknowledgments:  I listened and learned from the comments made on the first release and decided to give this map a second chance at life.  This map is still not without bugs, but a lot better than it was before.

Updates:  I fixed the texture problem on the trees.  I added a few more CP's to lessen some of the distances to be crossed.  I also added speeder bikes at each of the Wookie bunkers and some of the CP's to provide faster transportation.  I added some fallen trees and things to add to the realism of the forest scene and provide cover for shooters.  For those of you on dial-up, I cleaned house in the mod folders, deleting anything that I actually did not use for the map, which greatly reduced the file size of the archive.

Legal Matters:  These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or "plugged" into a mod without permission from me.  Also, it is likely that I will not update these files from their current form.  Thanks goes to Lucasarts for the materials and to George Lucas for the inspiration!

Contact Info:  For comments or questions, email jwittfamily@yahoo.com.

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