Kashyyyk: Star Wars Episode III Map

Here is YaNkFan and a_speck_of_dust's anticipated map, Kashyyyk: Star Wars Episode III. We recommend setting your lighting settings on Mediu...


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Here is YaNkFan and a_speck_of_dust's anticipated map, Kashyyyk: Star Wars Episode III. We recommend setting your lighting settings on Medium when you play for that is when the map looks its best.

Map Tactics:

Rebels: The republic has the advantage here on Kashyyyk with the stronger vehicles and units but they don't have faults. If a trooper is isolated he will most likely die and try not to take on 12 droids at once. Use the trenches to isolate your enemies and kill them one by one. Also, it wouldn't be wise to get in a vehicle at the beginning of the map (especially ATRT) because the droid gunships will just shoot you out of it. Use the platforms as cover and sniping spots. You can easily pick off 35-45 guys before you die and then you unlock either the Wroyshr Defender of Commander Gree. Both are extremely good by I recommend Gree should be used as a sniper (you'll know what I mean when you use him) and the Wroyshr Defender as a regular "super" trooper. CIS: The CIS strength is in it's speed and numbers. Use the snail tanks to over run your enemy while you wait for the dwarf spider and spider droids to get to the beach. Use the Droid Gunship to land on the platforms and take the Republic tree base. Then just slowly take the beach forcing the republic back to one CP. Be careful the Bdroid's health ha been reduced to make play more realistic so don't go by yourself expecting to kill 25 guys. Attack must be quick and decisive also land headshots on the wookiees to take them out. Empire: Pretty much the same tactics as the Republic but make sure you take out the tanks before they reach the beach because they will cause a lot of havoc if you don't. Also watch out for the Wroyshr Defender Thats pretty much it. Please use our forums to report any bugs and errors you come across and please keep it civil. Have fun and enjoy.

- Gavin1701

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Download 'esafswbf.zip' (249.99MB)

In the folder md_catamaran v1.1 there are the source files for the wookie catamaran used in the level.
The readme for it is in the folder along with the msh odf and req files

Installation: copy the folder "YYY" to your addon folder 
Uninstallation: remove the folder "YYY" from your addon folder

Story: WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GCW: the empire needs more slaves and is again coming to Kashyyyk to take them assault the empire base at Kachiro
YaNkFaN's Stuff: The wookie catamaran odf and Wroyshr Defender and Spec. Ops Defender and Wookiee Catamaran source files were created by me and cannot be edited or used without my consent.  Also this map is my work so please don't take credit for it. I also helped make the dirty stormtrooper skin.  All the "laser bolt" textures are mine except the blue laser bolt texture.
a_speck_of_dust's Stuff:  the awesomely cool skins (both camo rep and "dirty" stormtrooper), lighting help (best lighting ever), and idea and skin for the IG-21 Force Sensitive Ops Droid
Special Thanks to:
fordo: for the really cool and definately accurate Commander Gree skin (that skin pack is really helpful srry for not giving you credit for Bacara in Mygeeto)
Talibanman: for finding the rebel skins on gametoast 
The creator of the rebel skins (srry for not having a name): they are really cool and go with the map perfectly.
phyc0fred:for the dwarf spider droid
The creator of the catamaran odf (srry about the name) and it is excellent.
MajinRevan for the "blue bolt" texture because it helped me make all of the other bolt textures and i used it.
OOM-9 for the DC-15 carbine 
AceMastermind for fixing the DC-15 carbine texture
This KASHYYYK map is part of the "Star Wars A Clone Wars" custom map series by YaNkFaN and a_speck_of_dust
Contact: [email protected]
FF name: yankfan
GT name: yankfan1950
category: maps

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