kashyyyk : warehouse

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modes (Wookiee platforms, big 'ol trees, Wookiees), and less clear in the majority. The titular "warehouse" is more generic and takes a stab at adding a bit of a vertical element to the combat.I'm a big fan of trying something new (or at least infrequently-used), but in this case I think the main warehouse section needs a bit more work (in fact, there are some simple elements of polish that could go a long way in many things - proper spelling and capitalization is a big one). It looks like the warehouse is comprised of primarily custom models, which is nice, but the texturing is sloppy. And then there are some really odd elements, like Earth toilets and Coca-Cola machines - these are simply awful to have in this kind of map, since they kill any sense of immersion.One other big thing with the warehouse section is that there doesn't appear to be any way to get from the bottom up to the top without respawning. That's a real problem - the player should never have to kill himself to get somewhere.That all aside, there are some interesting concepts in here. However, I think the big thing needed here is, as mentioned above, polish, polish, polish. Good concepts can get easily buried under sloppy work.-Mav


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