Korriban: Canyon

76rep.zip —


readme, the author demonstrates being aware of some of these first-map gaffes, and it is strange, to me, that someone would be aware but not bother to change these things - there are a whole host of tutorials available to teach one how to make these kinds of fixes!On the plus side, it seems like the author has made some effort to avoid some of the pitfalls of a first map - I'm not 100% sure, but the author may have used some AI planning in here. I didn't see a whole lot of AI running into walls (and one of the CPs was in a walled-off area), although that may have been completely situational. More importantly, the author did make an effort at creating some kind of an environment here - it's certainly not Korriban as we've seen it in video games before, but it's clear that the author was trying to head in that direction.So, if you like what you see in the screenshots below, go ahead and give this map a try - give the author some feedback so he can know what to improve.-Mav


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