Korriban: Canyon

75rep.zip —


correct localization in the instant action menu (which is a fairly important one to have fixed!) and a change to the sky (which is a fairly important one to me to have fixed!), so as far as bugfixes go, those were probably the best two to address if you only had to address two.The map itself has seen a substantial change as well; it appears as though the command posts are moved away from their original positions to something a little more, well, original. For the most part, I like the changes in arrangement, although one CP is now thrown into a walled-off area accessible by only a single doorway. Creating that kind of chokepoint is a bit of a misstep, in my estimation.The mountains/hills that border the map remain pretty un-smooth and fairly unnatural, and the terrain still is pretty dark. I'd like to think that making some of these sweeping aesthetic terrain changes would improve the map a bit.Also, for a map of this map's size - not that it's huge, or anything - it would be nice to see a little more cover, or at least a little less wide open area.All in all, there are some pretty reasonable changes made to this version of the map, but I'd like to see a few more in this to make it a little more polished and fun to play with. Go ahead and give it a download if you like what you see below.-Mav


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