Kothlis: Sunken City



standpoint, I think this is a neat concept with a couple things that could have been improved upon in implementation. I like the idea of a "sunken city" in which the rooftops of sunken buildings provide for the battlefield. This particular battlefield is designed with Tatooine buildings and some generic plank model, and it works out pretty well except for the presence of a nearly unassailable high ground behind a chokepoint.Looks-wise - it could look better. Some of the Tatooine textures (very few) were replaced, and that was nice, but it would have been good to see the Tatooine-adobe as - at the very least - a different color. The surrounding hills also used that ugly Yavin grass texture in abundance with nothing on top of it, and I'd like to see that changed.You'll also notice some unique placements of command posts - which can be fine - however, here it creates a bit of awkwardness when trying to capture a CP or switch units. One of the CPs (the one on the Tatooine wreck) doesn't even fall inside its own capture region, which seems a bit silly, and another CP (one on top of the Tatooine hangar) is completely hidden inside a building. Just as a convenience to the player, it would be better if you always had CPs visible and the CPs weren't divorced from any related regions.All in all, it's a pretty good first map - it's worth a try to download and play, which is more than I'll probably say for most first maps. If you like what you see, then go ahead and give it a try!-Mav


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