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KotOR Galactic Conquest, by Maveritchell (hey that's me!), is a mod you can add on to Battlefront - if you have the Conversion Pack 2.0 a...


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KotOR Galactic Conquest, by Maveritchell (hey that's me!), is a mod you can add on to Battlefront - if you have the Conversion Pack 2.0 and the newest version of the Unofficial 1.3 Patch (r117) - that lets you play the "Galactic Conquest" gamemode with new sides and a new planet setup.

There are two ways you can play. The "Jedi Civil War" Galactic Conquest lets you play as the Old Republic and the "Advent of the Sith" lets you play as the Sith Empire. Both of these use the KotOR era from the Conversion Pack 2.0, and both of these use a lot of the Conversion Pack maps. One of the new parts of this Galactic Conquest is that when you go to a planet - say you go to Tatooine - you may end up on any of the Tatooine maps - Mos Eisley, Jabba's Palace, or Dune Sea. The KotOR GC also adds a few new planets to Galactic Conquest - Alderaan, Bespin, Rhen Var, Ord Ibanna, and the Star Forge system (which is the Sith's capital system).

In addition to the tweaked map content, there's some new stuff as well. One of the cut bonuses from the final game - the "Sensor Array" bonus, which reveals all the units on the field - is added back in as a purchase-able bonus. There's also a brand-new space map ("Space"), which is used for all the KotOR space battles (except for the Star Forge battle). It features a random skydome, so it doesn't always look the same whenever you start it up.

As long as you follow the installation instructions carefully, this should be a cinch to download and use. It's not a large file, and there are a number of documents to help you install and use it correctly. Be sure to check it out!


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Download 'kotorgc2.exe' (14.18MB)

Jedi Civil War/
Advent of the Sith
(KotOR-era Galactic Conquest)

by Maveritchell


This mod for Star Wars Battlefront II adds one of two new Galactic 
Conquest modes to your game. To play this mod, you will need the 

1) SWBF Conversion Pack v2.0
2) Unofficial SWBF2 v1.3 Patch

Both of these are available at Star Wars Battlefront Files 
(starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com). For your convenience, the 
direct links are:




Installation Instructions:

-Unarchive to desktop.
-Open folder "KotORGC"
-Move folder "GameData" into your "Star Wars Battlefront II" folder
 (usually C:Program FilesLucasartsStar Wars Battlefront II)
-Allow files to be overwritten (nothing is actually overwritten) 


There are two different custom "Galactic Conquests" you can play. 
The first, "Jedi Civil War," is Galactic Conquest played with the
"Old Republic" faction from the KotOR era. The second, "Advent of
the Sith," is its counterpart, the "Sith Empire" Galactic Conquest.

By default, the "Jedi Civil War" is enabled (only one custom GC may
be installed at a time), but simply switching the file locations is
all it takes to play the other. The text document "SwitchingFactions"
tells you how to do this.


What's new in KotOR Galactic Conquest?

-New team icons
-New fleet icons
-New fleet models
-New purchase unit interface
-Restored content ("Sensor Array" tech bonus)
-21-Planet galaxy map
-Additional (non-stock) maps from the Conversion
 Pack (Bespin: Platforms, Bespin: Cloud City, Alderaan,
 Naboo: Plains, Kashyyyk: Docks, Kashyyyk: Islands,
 Geonosis: Spire, Ord Ibanna, Kamino: Tipoca City,
 Naboo: Theed (Daytime), Rhen Var: Harbor, Rhen Var:
 Citadel, Tatooine: Dune Sea, Yavin IV: Arena, Space
 Rakata Prime)
-New "free" (no planet) KotOR space map with random 
-Random maps for every planet with more than one
 battlefield (e.g. Geonosis or Geonosis: Spire on Geo)



-Fleet models will not show up on new planets in
 galaxy map (only on zoom-in)
-Unit purchase voiceovers incorrect
-Localization for "Star Forge" interior (Death Star
 interior map) still says "Death Star."



-Jesus Christ: Knowing who I am, suffering (unto death!) for 
 who I was, and perfecting who I will be
-[RDH]Zerted: For setting up the framework to let custom
 Galactic Conquest happen at all


Any comments/questions? I can be reached at:
maveritchell at gmail dot com

Thanks, and enjoy!

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2 years ago by Bandannieya

I know that you probably don't look at this anymore but if you do i would really like to know how to switch sides, I've red the .txt file but aren't sure which two files to swap, please can you help me?

Thank You


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