In the e-mail sent by the author, he describes this map as explosive, which is probably a fairly accurate assessment.

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In the e-mail sent by the author, he describes this map as explosive, which is probably a fairly accurate assessment.

Krynx, by Battlefront_conquer, is an icy, Rhen Var-esque map. It has the Empire versus some sort of locals, "Krynx Defenders" or something like that.

Design-wise, it's pretty well done. The author makes good use of Rhen Var and Geonosis assets to create a believeable setting. The map could do with a little less dead space in the center - there's a great distance between each of the four command posts, and it makes for quite a bit of walking from CP to CP. Additionally, the author might note that when you place too many textures on one square, it causes ground texture overlapping problems - these are noticeable, but not very relevant to gameplay.

The author looks like he spent a lot of time developing new sides, which were suitably enjoyable, if not somewhat over-the-top. (The galactic marine reskinned with a skull-face on his mask made me chuckle.) Most of the weapons are of the overpowered variety - one of the substantially overpowered ones is the AT-AT particle cannon in handheld form, it's pretty silly. Additionally, the author tweaked some of the effects that go along with the weapons, which is always nice. I enjoyed the use of a scaled-down seismic charge effect and the retexture of the flamethrower for the acid-emitter.

Gameplay-wise, the map is decent, although the units are not necessarily balanced. You'll probably find one or two units on either side you stick to the whole map, because each side has about one or two units that're substantially better than the rest. If you end up playing as Empire, you'll be doing a lot of walking around and blasting things with your tremendously overpowered cannon, depleting units one-by-one. If you play locals, you'll end up using the jetpack trooper, which has an (essentially) infinite jetpack, and just capture all the CPs five minutes in.

It is also worth noticing that this map will be laggy - potentially very laggy - due to a large amount of units on the battlefield at once. Additionally, because of the large amount of .fx, expect ordnance effects to disappear occasionally.

Finally, this map is HUGE once extracted - over 600 MB. I believe the author munged the whole Republic, Alliance, and Imperial sides, which is completely unnecessary. So space issues may be a concern.

Anyway, all that said, this map was enjoyable and certainly better than some of the more recently released maps/mods. Like I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of over-powered-ness, but I know many people are, and they will probably enjoy this map greatly. Anyway, it's certainly worth your shot if you've been looking for a new map lately.


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Download '' (285.17MB)

No readme included.

Offhand, I know at least MajinRevan/Doofi should get credit for the UT-AT.

Make sure you extract the folder "MTM" and place that folder in SWBF2/Gamedata/Addon.

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