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So, I suppose you're wondering what this is. Well, it's a little something that adds a lazer tag mission to each of the SWBF2 stock maps. These missions play like regular conquest missions but have only one unit type with one weapon: a single shot non-overheating unlimited ammo lazer tag pistol with no aiming reticule that kills in one shot. So, in essence, this is Instagib for the stock maps, without the cheating HUD aimer thingie. So to all you snipers-from-the-hip out there, this mod is definitely for you. It is called lazer tag because the gameplay is very similar to said sport.

Because the side file goes into the game's side folder rather than addon, it is easy for developers to create this game mode for their own maps, if they want to, similar to using Mav's KotOR sides, for example. Instructions for doing so are included in the readme. I actually developed the sides and their weapons in my Prakith map. I stuck with the conquest style of gameplay since all stock maps have that mode, so converting the mission luas to lazer tag mode was relatively easy.

Jaspo has created a really fun little mod here. The mod plays in a Lazer-Tag mode where you have to "tag" another player on the opposite team. Since the aiming reticule has been disabled its not as easy as an aim-and-shoot but rather something you have to work a little harder at. There is one player to select on each team and the mod plays on all of the stock maps and can be easily installed in your own mod map. The mod still plays in Conquest mode in which you have to deplete the other teams reinforcements (points) or capture the remaining command posts.

I highly recommend downloading this mod if your looking for something new for the stocked maps or if you want to add something new to your own mod map. Its a fairly small download too. Enjoy!

-Delta 47 



SWBF2 Lazer Tag

version 1.3

By Jaspo

This mod requires the unofficial 1.3 patch.

Overview of Lazer Tag game mode:
Yellow team vs. blue team, armed with one weapon: a single shot non-overheating unlimited ammo lazer tag
pistol with no aiming reticule that kills in one shot but is less accurate when moving.
Much as it would be if you were playing, uh, lazer tag.

1.3 changelog:
-Redid the ZLT missions (missions for my maps which were released prior to the creation of the Lazer Tag mod)
This was primarily because the 1.2 mission for Jade Moon no longer worked with Jade Moon 1.4 due to a change to the number of CPs on the map.
-Jade Moon's JAGg_c3 mission is now a Lazer Tag version of Hangar Conquest, and a JAGc_c3 mission has been added which is mostly equivalent to the old JAGg_c3 mission.
-Taris: Sky High now has an added TS2c_c3 mission which is a Lazer Tag version of its 2-flag CTF mission.
-Most missions now have standard reinforcement and unit count as well as standard AI difficulty.

1.2 changelog:
1.2 has been through a lot: fixing the double listing glitch, addition of my maps' missions, 
addition of the convopack maps' missions, removal of the convopack maps' missions at the request of Maveritchell, addition of an existence check in my maps' addme, 
and last but not least a realization that the addmes needed to be edited once more to enable multiplayer play. And now, perfected, and to an extent that makes everyone happy, 
so far as I can tell, anyway.

Contents of this package:

This is the file for the lazer tag sides. If you have installed Lazer Tag version 1.0 or 1.1 you have this already.
Otherwise put it in Battlefront 2's side folder:
Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_lvl_pc\side

LT2 Folder
This contains lazer tag missions for the SWBF2 stock maps. This folder goes in
Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon
and contains missions for the following maps:

Death Star
Jabba's Palace
Mos Eisley
Polis Massa
Tantive IV
Yavin 4
(18 missions total)

LT2 notes:
-Geonosis has cw era music and team names with gcw era voiceovers and sfx...only missing "so-and-so captured cp such-and-such".
-Death Star has the reinforcement adjustment removed so that the reinforcement count for the rebel alliance
(or in this case the blue team) is only reduced by 1 instead of 2 each time a unit is killed.

ZLT Folder
This contains lazer tag missions for some of my maps--maps by Jaspo, in other words. This folder also goes in
Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon
and contains missions for the following maps:

Crystal Forest
Hoth: Frozen Valley
Jade Moon (2 missions)
Mustafar: Jedi Enclave
Rhen Var: Glacial Cave
Star Destroyer
Taris: Sky High
Taris: Spiral Stair (2 missions)
Tatooine: Canyon Settlement
(12 missions total)

ZLT notes:
-The addme script is such that if you do not have any of these maps installed, the scripts will not be added to the list for those maps. Thanks, Mav, Zerted.

General Notes:

-These missions appear as Custom Mode 3 in the menu, available in GCW era for all maps (even Geonosis)
-These folders do not contain any maps, only missions. These missions will be more or less compatible with any version of their maps, so
long as the number or names of the conquest cps are not changed (since Lazer Tag mode uses the conquest setup from these maps)
-Because these are missions, they do count toward your overall number of missions (with the exception listed above), which of course cannot exceed 500 or the last ones on
the list start disappearing. Note that I have separated them into 2 seperate folders which can be easily moved in and out of your addon folder as needed.
-The double map listing problem of versions 1.0 and 1.1 has been fixed, thanks to input from Maveritchell. He also let me know how to get this to work with addon folder maps.

-Pandemic/LucasArts for the framework, and the stock maps and their assets.
-Maveritchell, for helping me with coding at various points and informing me that I was not allowed to release missions for the converted BF1 maps.
-God, for making people creative/creative people.

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