left for pigs

left_for_pigs.zip —


case, my first playthrough of this map lasted about 15 seconds from spawn to death, at which point the conquest defeat timer started counting down. Total match time? Under one minute. Not the best first impression, author.The side balance here is pretty well shot to pieces, since we're talking about a standard side versus high-hp, one-hit-kill enemies. Also, the visibility range is reduced out-of-proportion with what we see on the screen, so enemies fade into view pretty close to the player.Map-wise, there are some strange design choices here. What is up with the terrain? Is one of the textures just extraordinarily low-rez, or is a flat color actually used for one of the terrain textures? Is it instead just a paintbrush over the terrain? I was unsure.To the author - I'm not a huge fan of the idea, but setting that aside, please work on your presentation - it will go miles to improving your first impression. Punctuation, spelling - even just basic capitalization (in your map title, of all places!) will help downloaders to think that you put some real care into your work.-Mav


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