Left for pigs

left_for_pigs_02.zip —


few under-the-hood changes to polish the map, including adding a sky, which is always nice. The map itself is still a little ho-hum - it's a fairly nondescript island with trees that contrast wildly with the setting and terrain that looks like crumpled paper (the smooth tool - the smooth tool!).Some suggestions for the author moving forward - make sure to decide on a theme and then make everything match that theme, so you don't end up with disparate pieces (like the redwood trees on a tiny sandy island). Make sure that, if you're adding vehicles, the size of the map supports them (in this case, the flyers on a map that has really low LOD distance). And finally, make sure that you're really only submitting complete releases to the public - whether it's a misunderstanding of using versioning numbers or whether it's simply a too-early release, you shouldn't be releasing early alpha versions (really, anything but completed versions - i.e. only 1.0 and beyond) to the public.-Mav


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