Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Field

Well many people over at Gametoast have been looking forward to this special map for a week or two. And there's a good reason too. It's Zeld...


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Well many people over at Gametoast have been looking forward to this special map for a week or two. And there's a good reason too. It's Zelda!

Vyse, a somewhat new modeler and skinner has done a fantastic job on his first major release. This is only one of a few projects he's been working on by the way.

Anyway, if you love The Legend Of Zelda games then you'll love this. It takes you right back to the good ol' days. Though the map is loosely based on the upcoming game 'The Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess' for the Nintendo Wii, it has a strong "Ocarina Of Time" feel to it. I suppose it should since this is the fields of Hyrule afterall. And boy did he hit the nail on the head. He's got the yellow grass and the pointy elevation. He's got the holes leading underground. He's got the castles and ruins. He's even got a secret dungeon.

In addition to his new Zelda models (including the Master Sword, a Hyrulian Shield, and a Fairy Bow) he has sounds from the games! He's even set up triggers so that when you fa...I mean go into the secret dungeon the music changes.

The map also features some custom units that bear Vyse's new weapons. It's fun running around as a green clone hacking away at enemies with the Master Sword.

For me, the best part of the whole map is the secret dungeon. It looks like it's straight out of one of the games. No joke. I ran through the stone tunnels, looking at all the creepy vines and listening to the eerie Majora's Mask music. Beware of traps!

Inside the dungeons you'll find ghostly duplicates of the Hero Of Time. They're pretty tough so you better bring a friend. But there are things far worse inside the dungeons...you'd better bring several friends in that case. Vyse forbid me from posting pictures of what awaits as to keep it a surprise. Trust me, you'll be VERY surprised...and scared. Hehehe...

There's lots of places to explore so it'll keep you busy for a while. No one is sure how it works online but I have a feeling this will be a server favorite. I'd love to play this map with some Battlefront buddies...Try to imagine exploring the secret dungeon with some squad mates. ; )

If I could give any feedback it would be...

-Add some tauntauns or kaadu's (thanks to Teancum) for players to ride around on. It's a big map so a knight of Hyrule needs his mountie. -Make some floating platforms that travel across the map. By the looks of it you've got animating objects in ZE down so I suggest making several platforms that can transport players across the map. -Maybe increase the unit count.

Fantastic map. 'Nuff said.


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Download 'legend_of_zelda_hyrule_field.zip' (48.1MB)

Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Field: By Vyse
This is my first map for SWBF2 that I have completed. It is huge and is based on the Legend Of Zelda Series, mostly the yet to be released Legend Of Zelda: Twlight Princess. I've made it to the best of what I think it would be like. 

As kind of a bonus and just for fun I have made a little dungeon as in Zelda Games. It features it's own boss and bad guys. 

Hope Everyone Enjoys
->Custom Music
->Custom Sound Effects
->Custom Units
->Ton of new 3d objects
->New Weapons
->New sword animation

Map/Sound/Models By Vyse

Beta Testing by Epena

Sword Animation By Archer01

Press attack and hold for charged swing and while in mid air press the wheel mouse button for mid air swirl attack.
Place the HFZ folder (located in the same folder as this read me) in the addon folder for you SWBF2 Directory.
Known issues:
Some AI clusters due to underground CPs.

Might be errors during online play, I have no Idea what online playing is like with this map. 
Special Thanks To: 
Lord Bandu
Majin Revan 
Sorry If I Forgot Anyone!!
My Website:

Chibi Robo-"Spread the happiness!"

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