Lotashi Z: X Province



map. For those who aren't familiar with this map or its previous incarnations, Lotashi Z takes place in a ruined citadel high in the mountains. Try to imagine a cross between Rhen Var, Hoth and Mygeeto. As mentioned before, the amount of detail that's gone into the map is absolutely staggering. There's no doubt that a lot of time and meticulous work was invested into this map and it shows. I thought that I put a fair amount of detail in my maps but they're not even close to this level. Just the thought of having to place each of those Rhen Var structures and other props into such close proximity to another with that precision makes my head hurt. And on top of that having to add hubs, connections, barriers, spawn pathes, etc. It's really quite inspiring. As far as gameplay goes, the map is pretty fun. I know that there are a lot of urban combat fans here and you're guaranteed to get your fair share with this map. The layout of the map is excellent. Most of the fighting takes place in the center amongst the four CP's but there's a canyon that goes around the right of the ruins, adding a strategic element to the gameplay and allowing players who prefer sneak-tactics to do their thing. In conclusion, this map offers a great time for gamers and something for mappers to revel in, so long as you're willing to put up with the large file size. ~Era


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