Malastare: Gran Compound

malastaregrancompound1_0.zip —


shown on The Clone Wars as reflected by the environment surrounding the compound.I think that, artwise, this is probably one of Jaspo's best maps thus far. There are a few instances where I see some of the flat textures and/or textures that don't match (UV-wise) the object they're projected on, but it's much less of an issue than in past maps. The majority of the textures feel like they support the models, which is nice, given the author's propensity for using lots of custom models (which is always nice).Design-wise, this is a really solid map. Urban maps work well for arcadey-type shooters, as legions of FPS players could attest to, and the design works well here too. There are lots of walls, both the large and the waist-high variety, that serve well to redirect the player or act as cover (respectively). There's also a bit of up-and-down movement with some of the buildings, and I like seeing that whenever I can.All in all, this is another solid map by Jaspo. Give it a download.-Mav


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