Manaan: Ahto City

This must be the buggiest map I've ever played in all my time playing SWBF 1 and 2.

First of all, the author named it Atho, so it's Man...


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This must be the buggiest map I've ever played in all my time playing SWBF 1 and 2.

First of all, the author named it Atho, so it's Manaan: Atho City when in the map list. Plus, he didn't even put a readme with it. This can't be fixed either, because I can't make one for him.

Now onto the map itself. At the start, I instantly thought it was Bespin: Cloud City from the Conversion Mappack, but it's not. It looks like the author used the old Bespin world file and then proceeded to edit it to his liking, because some of those odd pits from the Conversion Mappack were in the easily reachable areas. I found that the AI often fall into these, and it is impossible to get out except by rolling. The NPCs don't roll, so they get stuck down there.

At the default CP that I spawned in on, without choosing one, I was immediately greeted by a lot of those naked ball-holding Naboo statues. Alright, that's fine. Then I looked to my left and noticed a bunch of AI headed for a CP elsewhere...and they were trying to walk through the building. Clark needs to fix this with better hub use, if he used any. Did I mention the ground, among other things, has been retextured to a blinding blue? I kind of like it, but it's a bit bright.

Then I looked up and saw the bridge-like catwalk thing above my head. It had Z-Fighting. It wasn't too noticeable unless you were specifically looking there for a short time and moving the camera a bit. So I continued on.

Eventually I made my way to the white hallway things higher in the city. In here, I found a few clones burning forward to take one of the CPs. I helped them out and we quickly took it with little effort. Then, to my horror, I realized that the capture/control zone for the CP wasn't there. It was either too far above it, or too far below it. So basically, all the Clone Troopers just gathered on top of the CP and milled around there, while the rest of our CPs got taken. Most of the clones on my side were huddled there, so there was little in the way of clones elsewhere to hold the line. Nearby was another building where you could see its roof. It had Z-Fighting on every square inch of it.

The only way to win as a clone here is to beat the reinforcments to a blood pulp, because they'll keep spawning in at that one CP. I didn't play too long, either, because it would take a ridiculously long time to finish the whole game. So, if you can ignore these bugs, then you might enjoy this map.

Download if the review and/or the screenshots are tempting.

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