Manaan: Murky Depths

Yay! Astute has released his first official map for Battlefront 2!

I've been a fan of Astute's work since Rhen Var: Icegate. He's a grea...


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Yay! Astute has released his first official map for Battlefront 2!

I've been a fan of Astute's work since Rhen Var: Icegate. He's a great mapper and invents some really cool custom units such as the Havoc Trooper. Best of all he's always experimenting with new ideas for Battlefront modding such as his underwater Kamino map for the original Battlefront, which can be found here:;55285

Manaan: Murky Depths is no exception to his trend. There are lockable doors that can be triggered by repairing/destroying control panels and he's added in some nice bubble effects outside the facility.

I myself have never played KOTOR but this map, as most of you probably figured out, is based on the planet Manaan from the first KOTOR game. You totally feel like you're in an underwater facility. You can see bubbles outside the windows and the 'murky depths' of the oceanic planet. And the dark lighting really adds to the decor.

The map features two new units: the Havoc Trooper and the Storm Commando. Both of these units have been in Astute's previous works. This time they have brand new skins that look absolutely amazing. In addition they're armed with some very nifty weapons.

The combat takes place indoors. It can get cramped at times so try to stay clear of any crowds. Sometimes its difficult to see but that's intentional. Occasionally I noticed some AI running into walls and getting stuck. The door triggers might be responsible for that. I also had some minor lag while playing.

The battle is kind of short so if you prefer longer battles then I recommend increasing the ticket count in the Conquest settings. To reduce cramping you might also want to consider lowering the unit count before playing the map.

In short, this another great map from Astute with a few minor issues. It's the kind of map that'll be great to play online over and over again. I'll be keeping this one in my AddOn folder. Download and enjoy!


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Manaan: Murky Depths

	At the depths of the Manaan ocean, the Rebels/CIS attempt to evade the Empire/Republic by diving into the oceans depths. As they dive deep into the ocean, they find an abandoned facility, with no clue as to what its purpose is. The Republic/Empire, discovering their attempt to escape, dispatch a force to ambush them in the facility.
-Intense combat in a facilty at the bottom of the Manaan Ocean
-Realistic lighting effects
-Conquest and CTF for both eras
-Custom units: The Storm Commando(IMP) and the Havoc Trooper(REP)
-Lockable Doors
-Extract this folder to your LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon
-Every once in a while the bubble effect may appear inside. It is rare though.
-Lighting will sometimes flash.
-Minimap isn't always accurate, and should be used sparingly.
>Custom Units
*Storm Commando(Empire): Some of the best soldiers the Empire has to offer. The Storm Commando is geared towards anti-terrorism and siege breaking, excelling in both. Armed with a long range support rifle and a high powered shock pistol, the Storm Commando is a threat at both long and short range.

-Support Rifle: Long range rifle, becomes inaccurate after rapid fire
-Shock Pistol: This weapon is intended for close range combat, thus the limited charges.
-Scatter Grenades: Non-lethal grenades intended for scattering enemy forces
-Time Bomb: Standard issue timed charge

*Havoc Trooper(Republic): Originally, this trooper was created as the Assault Trooper, who had served in the early battles on Rhen Var. After a failed performance at the battle of the Ice Gate, revisions were made in the troopers overall design. Refitted with a more heat resistant armor, and much more refined flame thrower, the trooper is now known as the Havoc Trooper, whose main purpose is to distrupt enemy troop concentrations.

-Flame Spitter MK-2: Refined flamethrower, very good against shields and multiple enemies. Be warned, it leaves you very vulnerable while firing.
-Blaster Pistol: Standard issue Republic blaster pistol.
-Thermal Grenades: Standard issue grenades.
-How the lockable doors work: Each blast door(large silver doors), has a corresponding panel. All panels at the beginning of a map are broken, which means the door stay open. To close the door, merely repair the panel.
-Strategy can play a light or heavy part in each battle depending on how you use the doors. I've found that by just locking one door, the battle could go a completely different way. Doors are also useful for blocking heros or large amounts of troops.
-Because of the dark lighting in parts of the map, the shadows can be your friend, or your enemy.
-Stick with your teammates, it is really easy to get overwhelmed on this map.
-Thanks to the people at Gametoast for helping me with any errors I encountered.

Created By Astute.

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