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*Draws walking stick* first review. For some reason, there was some weird error not allowing me to upload anything else, so I ha...


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*Draws walking stick* first review. For some reason, there was some weird error not allowing me to upload anything else, so I had to put this up. I checked first, of course, to make sure another staff member hadn't uploaded it before me, but that's all another story. Onto the review! ;)

Where should I start? This mod is overflowing with really neat and interesting skins. Because there are so many files, I can't list them all here, but it's pretty good work. The CIS pack is mostly a chunk of recolored skins, like that green thermal detonator, a really bright SBD, and a few other things. But what really caught my attention here was the Magnaguard skin files. These were done with a texture of which makes me think of a rock, so you can get a Magnaguard with a rocky hull. Pretty neat, huh? For some reason I can't determine, Master Fionwë also stuck an Aayla skin in there. The only noticeable difference I can see is that it has darker blue skin.

For the Republic side, there were a lot of Phase I ARC Trooper stripe reskins, and some were even two-tone type troopers. Basically, they'd have, say, a blue stripe on their helmet and a red pauldron, or something along those lines. There were also a few Phase I skins, mostly of the sniper class's skin. What really got me here was the Shadow Trooper skin. It was an easy enough effect to obtain, using the negative-image feature found in PSP or maybe another program, whatever he used. However, I didn't recognize it as a Snow Trooper until I used the negative effect image to reverse the effect. Of course, I didn't save it, so no harm done. :cool:

One last thing. If you're not a modder, this file will NOT work for you in any way, shape, or form. It's for replacing the default skins of the 501st when developing your own map or a side mod. It does nothing more.

Master Fionwë was kind enough to leave us some of his ODF files used for a weapon he made, and it also includes the Force Wave ODFs. Again, modders are the only ones who may actually get some use out of this.


~Penguin Unit~

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Master Fionwe's skins; CIS and REP
This is the second skinpack that I've released. Almost everyone of these skins I've created myself. Feel free to use any of the skins any way you want, you can even change them if you wish. But on one condition, you put me in the credits for that skin or as having created the skin that you based your's on. As an extra bonus, I've included the odf files for a weapon that I've created, and the force wave ability. You have permission to use these in any mod, but not to change them in any way except for the damage of the weapon. Also, include me in the credits for any mod using them. 

For reasons of privacy, I will not release my email address now, but instead, if you have any questions concerning these files, or my mod, contact a member of filefront and ask them to contact me. Please do not ask how to use these skins, because I hardly have a clue myself, except for the arc ones.

There is a screenshot called 'The new marine and his weapon.'. What you are seeing is a new skin, and the new weapon, both included here. 

I hope to see some of these in some mods! 

New material 
The missile launcher is a new, updated version of the torpedo launcher. The same one that will be in the mod.  But since they are so different, do not overwrite or delete the old one if you downloaded my first skinpack, as you might want to use both in your mod. Please do not change the missile launcher, unless you have Yankfan's awesome lasers and want to use those for it, then by all means go ahead, but please don't change any weapon values for the missile launcher.

All the skins that have a 1 at the end of the name are the new ones, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't change them too much. Nothing really noticeable. Thanks!

Praise to Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Master Fionwë

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