Metrion Aristan

Metrion Aristan looks a lot like Yavin. Its densly covered with trees and bushes, while at the same time there are towers scattered a...


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Metrion Aristan looks a lot like Yavin. Its densly covered with trees and bushes, while at the same time there are towers scattered around the battlefield. On both sides of the field are temples which serve as starting points.

When I spawned the first thing I saw was an ARC-170 on one of the best landing pads I have ever seen! I jumped in it and took off. This is where I was surprised at just how easy it is to fly through a think canopy of trees and dodge towers. Its so much fun. I scanned the ground and saw a huge amount of units from both sides fighting, I couldnt resist and let lose some missiles :p

I landed, at the dismay of my Arc being blown up by a few miss guided rockets. The ground fighting is intense, with lots of trees and ruins for cover while you toss and quick grenade to scatter the enemy. If you love massive battles in a small battlefield this is for you. There is hardly never a fight on the field. its covered from bottom to top with AI to shoot at and CPs to try and capture.

The placement of some of the buildings is extremly inventive, combining buildings together to make a huge jungle temple is awsome. The republic side comes with forest camoflagued Clones, the skins are great, but something could have been done more with the sides. I was playing and Mace Windu was offered to me, I thought that he would die quite soon, but I was wrong, this brings a whole new joy factor to playing with Windu. you can use his ground jump attack and get a lot of kills for once.

My only complaints are to fix the terrain around some of the buildings, at a few of the temples you can walk under the building and out of the map. Another thing which is a biggy is that you should add some camera placements so you don't have to be looking underground at the sky while waiting to spawn, and to add some boundaries or increase the mountains height around the map.

Overall, this map is just what everyone who loves a yavin type feel of map with flyers and a massive amount of units in a close range combat situation will want to get their hands on this christmas.


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a_speck_of_dust and Yankfan present the STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS map series.
Metrion Aristan is entirely by a_speck_of_dust.

Skins done by a_speck_of_dust. (Some are edited versions of Commander Fordo skins, so special thanks to him. -some.)

The story:

	The 702 shock legion of elite clones, led by Master Windu has been assigned to attack a planet in the Mid Rim, Metrion Aristan. CIS forces, led by Count Dooku, have set up an outpost of high strategic value to both sides. The Metrion System is in a gas cloud that sensors cannot penetrate through. If Dooku suceeds in holding the Metrion Aristan outpost, it is inevitable that the CIS will have a powerful advantage over the Republic and could be a main supply base for other CIS inhabited worlds. If the clones do not suceed, The war is as good as lost for the republic...

(there is no Galactic Civil War story. -It's just for fun. =)

simply copy the MTA file into the "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon" folder (without the quotes.) if this is the first map you downloaded, you most likely don't have an "Addon" folder, so just make a folder called "Addon" and put the MTA file in it.


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