This is a rather unique file by PfW_Skip. For those of you unfamiliar with what .lua coding is or how it relates to Battlefront: LUA coding...


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This is a rather unique file by PfW_Skip. For those of you unfamiliar with what .lua coding is or how it relates to Battlefront: LUA coding is the programming language used to create those mission scripts that run every level. Usually they're fairly simple and are precompiled for you by the initial munge, but if you want to create a campaign map, they take a substantial amount of extra coding.

What the Mission-Scripter here does is help take some of the guesswork out of this. This could be especially helpful if you're new to coding campaign scripts, and don't want to worry about making simple typos that ruin your .lua.

Like any tool, this will have a bit of a learning curve, but give it a little time and I think newbie .lua coders will be able to use it effectively. Additionally, you might even learn something from what you're writing in there!

I would hope that this inspires a few more modders to learn how to do objective scripting, which can really open up what you can do with Battlefront 2. Enjoy!

(Note: This is a tool for modders only, and you should only try using this if you already have some basic knowledge about how .lua scripts are set up.)


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Download 'mission_scripter_v1.0.zip' (272KB)

------  M I S S I O N  -  S C R I P T E R --------------------------

DEUTSCH:	Mission-ScripterGER.exe

Mit dem  Mission-Scripter  können sie problemlos einfachste Mission für das Star Wars Battlefront II Mod Tool scripten, ohne genau wissen zu müssen, wie das genau geht. 
Sie müssen lediglich alle nötigen Infos angeben, wenn sie ein Ziel erstellen wollen. Anfangs- und Endsequenz können sie natürlich auch nach ihren Wünschen gestalten. 
Kenntnisse mit dem scripten in den lua’s sollten schon vorhanden sein, damit sie ein Ziel ihren wünschen weiterhin anpassen können.

WICHTIG: Da dies eine NET. Framework 2.0 Anwendung ist, wird NET. Framework 2.0 auf ihrem Rechner benötigt !


- Anfangssequenz editieren 
- Anfangssequenz laden 
- neues Ziel erstellen (zB Goto) 
- aktuelles Ziel laden (läd also das gerade von euch erstellte ziel) 
- weitere Ziele auf diese Weise erstellen (neues Ziel, Ziel laden) 
- Endsequenz editieren 
- Endsequenz laden 
- Als lua ausgeben (unter bearbeiten)

ENGLISH:	Mission-ScripterENG.exe

With this program you can you easily script missions for the Battlefront II Mod Tool. 
If you want to create a objective you only have to type in the needed information about it. 
To edit the script you need a few skills in lua scripting.

IMPORTANT:  You need  NET. Framework 2.0  for this program !!!

Translated from german to english by DarthD.U.C.K.

use instructions:

- edit startsequence
- load startsequence
- create a new objective (for example  Goto) 
- load current objective (load the last objective you had created)
- create more objectives (new objective, load objective) 
- edit endsequence
- load endsequence
- export as lua (edit > export script)

Developer:  	-=[PfW]=-Skip
Contakt:	icq:  299374376		xfire:  pfwskip		e-mail:  marten.mildtATweb.de

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