Modded Kamino

Here's a couple of new/modded sides from elite_trooper shown off on the default Kamino.

For the most part, these sides are reminiscent of...


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Here's a couple of new/modded sides from elite_trooper shown off on the default Kamino.

For the most part, these sides are reminiscent of those in Majin Revan's RotE maps. Carbines instead of pistols, that different kind of bullet (on all the guns), everything named "correctly"- it even uses the Clone/Imperial Commando (except elite_trooper wasn't able to get its sounds working).

It has some stuff that's completely original- the clones have a few new skins (and some newish units, who have a few newish weapons as well), and Jango Fett has gotten some new toys. Kamino Sabre Darts, for instance (they didn't crash for me, like it said in the readme...)- I've been wanting him to have these for a loooong time. The new clone skins, on the other hand, are kind of... eccentric (see screenies), and only the trooper and sniper have them, so it's kind of out of place. If all the Republic troops had them, it would be better.

That's my major complaint; the sides aren't that consistent. A third are 'Majin-y', third are default, and a third have new stuffs. They just don't really... mesh. The balance is all jimble-jumbled. If you're going to have the guns with that kind of bullet, give that kind to everyone. Also, have all the clones look like the same kind of style, at least.

Overall, for 50 mb, not bad. If you like the RotE-style sides, you might want to check this out.


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Download 'modded_kamino_v0.9.rar' (56.07MB)


                                                                               **Modded Kamino**
			                  Beta Version (0.90)
	          Made by: phazon elite (filefront and forums)/elite_trooper (battlefrontfiles)
		                 Date Completed for Release:  Nov 27th, 2006

     This is my first mod for SWBF2. It features a few reskins of republic troopers (cis I'm working on since it's hard to skin them anyway) and other things that will be listed later in the ReadMe.


Installation: Just extract the KO1 folder with 7-ZIP. WINRAR, or WINzip since there is a .zip and an .rar, to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon (AddON, addon, whatever)

Uninstallation: Delete the KO1 folder from you Addon folder




- almost every single weapon has been localized correctly to fit the Star Wars universe


- Reskin of Clone Trooper and Clone Sharpshooter

- The Red ARC Captain replaces the Clone Commander

- Clone engineer now has a DN Bolt Caster

- The ARC Trooper (ep2 rocketeer) is replaced by a Rail ARC Trooper because I never found his PLX Rocket Launcher to be useful on Kamino

- The clone weapons have been modified in different ways

- The Rail ARC Trooper is modified in this way:
1. Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
2. DC-15S Blaster Carbine
3. 4 Thermal Detonators (2)
4. 4 Conner Ship Systems HX2 Mines (4)

- The Red ARC Captain has an additional weapon: the DC-15A Heavy Blaster Rifle. It's a fictional weapon I made, although it's not that different from the DC-15A Blaster Rifle. Find out for yourself on what it does

- And the last but certainly not least feature for the Republic is  (drum roll).............the Clone Commando!!! (yeah...maybe it might not blow your socks off)


- Magnaguard was removed. What?! Do you actually think Magnaguards were ever on Kamino? I didn't think so.

- The B-1 Battle Droid has replaced the Magnaguard

- The weapons were beefed up considerably to match the power of the possibly now overpowered clones

-The CIS starts with more reinforcements (220 to 200 if conquest settings are at 100 reinforcements) than the republic

- Jango Fett has a new arsenal (all models from Syth's Asset Pack):
1. Westar 34 Blaster Pistol (the real model from Syth's Asset Pack!)
2. New Flamethrower (new animation)
3. Kamino Darts
4. New Rocket Launcher


                                                                        *Known Bugs and Issues*

- The DN Bolt Caster doesn't have any sound for some reason (I found it, now)

- The Clone Commando doesn't have any sound (everything else is fine for the RC except sound)

- The carbine doesn't have its texture because, for some odd reason, it won't appear, although I have in the msh folder. It's also a FPM texture (rep_1st_weap_inf_pistol_real.tga). If anyone knows any solution to this, contact me through e-mail or PM me on the forums

- I do not know how this map works online, although it should be fine

- Using the Kamino Dart with Jango fett makes the game CTD (crash to desktop). It's due to an animation (it's "can't animap fett_rifle") error that I don't know how to fix as of now, although I do know what it means 


                                                                *Things To Do For Version 1.0*
					*= All things 100% unless stated otherwise

- Get the sounds for the Republic Commando working.* ( I know I'm missing one thing, but I don't know what it is)

- Cut out the carbine for that texture problem (20% chance)

- Maybe add flyers, but lower their max speed so they are actually manuverable (30% chance)

- Add GCW conquest*

- Add more modes (Assault:* , Campaign: 60%)

- Put the Magnaguard back in, but with an electrostaff (from Syth's Asset Pack, again. Lol)*



- alex533: Clone Trooper skin
- MajinRevan: the .odf's for the Clone Commando
- Qdin: DC-17m ICWS
- Dragonum: DC-15s Side Arm Blaster
- Darth_Z13: working Clone Commando files (a.k.a. maj)
- OOM-9: DC-15S Blaster Carbine
- Special Thanks to: Syth: BFII Asset Pack (which had the carbine model, Westar 34, Kamino Dart, and a lot more things)

I obtained the working souce files for the Clone Commando (maj) from (on Gametoast from Darth_Z13)



Legal Matters: These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or "plugged" into a mod without permission from me (elite_trooper, phazon elite).

Contact Info: For comments or questions, email [email protected] or just PM me on the forums (if you are part of them)

Have fun!


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