Modern Earth: Urban Assault

Elfie911's "Modern Earth: Urban Assault" is a map set in a non-SW environment for a change. It features police duking it out against prisone...


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Elfie911's "Modern Earth: Urban Assault" is a map set in a non-SW environment for a change. It features police duking it out against prisoners in a city or police versus zombies in the same.It is also, unfortunately - while creative - pretty sloppy in some areas.The first thing I noticed is balance. Oh, poor, poor balance, all shot to heck. The police vs. prisoners was only slightly unbalanced (in favor of the police, thanks to a local side allied only with them), but the police vs. zombies was downright terrible. I tried out the zombie team and all I managed to accomplish was dying often while running into an open street of unblockable gunfire with no projectile weapons of my own. It is absolutely terrible, balance-wise.The design also feels a bit sloppy. While it is certainly creative to create a city (and it is convincing as a city), the models used for it weren't used well - I imagine they were scaled up several times, because the buildings often disappear at certain angles. That really takes away from the immersion, having buildings just flash in and out of existence. Likewise, on the sides, some of the retextures - specifically the prisoners - don't look very good. The prisoners clearly use the Pilot Luke model, because the face is hardly changed - it just looks like Luke got into a losing fight with some gaudy mascara.Finally, there were bugs. I am really tired of having to restart my computer because awards weapons bugs make it freeze. It might be excusable if it were just one weapon where "oops forgot that," but in this case, it was like the author didn't even bother checking for this bug. Nearly every unit has this - one of the units becomes unusable once weapons are switched simply because you can't switch back to its main weapon. Test and fix this bug! I also thought that the fire effects everywhere were a bit unnecessary - in modes where there was a lot going on, it might bog down someone's game. Maybe only have those at some places instead of over the majority of the areas with stuff going on. Another problem, maybe caused by this, was that I could hardly ever see any effects on my ordnance. It was hard to tell where I was shooting and what it was doing. Oh and there were also some textures missing in some of the effects.It was also worth mentioning that on the zombie side, the better(?) zombie unit was next-to-useless. I couldn't jump with him and it seemed like his attack didn't do anything. Of course, that complaint was lost in the issue of how poorly-balanced that mode was, but still - something to look into.The map itself is alright and creative, but any good done in here is way overshadowed by the sloppiness mentioned above. If you like what you see (in the fifty or so screenshots below), then give it a try, and I hope you don't end up frustrated like me because of all the bugginess.-MavBy author's request:Modern Earth: Urban Assault from Connor Dean on Vimeo.

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