Mos Eisley Dawn

This map is an expansion of Mos Eisley Hero Assault. Some of the units have been altered to make each one more unique rather than having 'c...


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This map is an expansion of Mos Eisley Hero Assault. Some of the units have been altered to make each one more unique rather than having 'copy characters.' Set during the morning, the new lighting looks great. Sinistar has also made some custom changes to the map design. For example the Millenium Falcon can now be found in the hangar and outside the cantina is a sarlacc pit and a sailing barge. The map is even more iconic now then it was before. This expansion will be a blast online. In fact I actually enjoy this more than the shipped version.

If you enjoy Hero Assault, map mods, and new units then you'll love this map! Download now and enjoy!


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Download 'med_v2.5.rar' (71.75MB)

MOS EISLEY DAWN 2 version 2.5

Sinistar's map reborn :
 now it's more of a heroe's mod and a map in one 

there is no file name change for MED 2 , and the 2 are not compatible

older file versions will kick you off the pub server .

Hope you enjoy my map and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

Changes since the last version:

I had alot of time to anylyze what was working and not working . This exciting version tests very well and is not so much a minor variation as it is more of a major modification balancing the inequities of the game mode "HEROES VS VILLAINS" .............

:Fixed issues with damage/death zones over reaching the intended boundaries I set them in.

:Added a smoke bomb effect to Leia's Thermal Grenades, grenades also deal more damage.
:Chewbacca & Jango's time bombs now deal more damage larger radius
:Fett flamethrowers reach further than before , and damage is 30 % instead of 10%
: Damage zones now affect Gen Grievous (nice try attempting to keep that a secret Gil.)
:Sith Lightning now very potent with the Emperor and Count Dooku
:Obi Wan Kenobi now has Jedi invulnerability power replacing saber throw.
:Ayala Secura is now red twilekk skin by Droidekka 88 (skin pak version 3), green saber is now violet.
:Anakin Skywalker now cloaked model(Darth Vader Sith apprentice) saber throw replaced with Force Pull.
Yoda and Ki Adi Mundi now have JEDI MINDTRICK instead of Force Push (yoda) or Saber Throw.(those who have played Jedi knight series know what this does....)
:Yoda has increased attack abilities 
:Mace Windu saber throw replaced with Force Pull + Ground Smash given increased damage radius
:Most characters have thinner sabers (looks more authentic to the films)

These changes should balance out the 2 sides , and empower the once weaker ones .

 the -)G(- Clan for hosting the map as I improve it and the support in general

Kevlar of Black Bag ops without whom no custom map server possible
Dr. Doom
Shep Stooge
Negative Smiley (taught me everything I know)
Zerted (LUA troubleshooting and support)
BAC TALAN (helpful assistance)

Darth Shazzbot (feedback)
Busterkinkade smoke bomb and skin tutorial 
Droidekka 88 (Ayala skin)
TEANCUM  (helpful admin of GT)
Darth Yorktown & Bryant (volunteer map bug tester glitch finders)

Panademic and LucasArts.
Thanks to LUCAS ARTS and PANADEMIC for all the credit due to them, making this game.
This map is not endorsed by LUCASARTS it's partners or affilates, users choose to install at own risk.

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