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When I first saw the name of this map, I thought to myself, "Hey, cool, a maze-type map. This will be interesting." Sadly, it was not so muc...


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When I first saw the name of this map, I thought to myself, "Hey, cool, a maze-type map. This will be interesting." Sadly, it was not so much. While the object placement was decent, there were numerous issues and gameplay simply didn't exist.

So you've got four Command Posts. One of them is in a cantina, another by a crashed starship, and two more in some courtyard-ish areas. Te first thing you'll notice is how cramped it is. Because the houses and buildings are so close together, it can be frusterating trying to move around. Another problem that arises from such closely placed objects is the lighting. It seems every time you take a step, a bunch of shadows flicker. It really detracts from the visual appeal of this map. Another thing that bugged me were some shrubs, that seemed randomly placed on various buildings in the map. It doesn't fit, and I doubt many plants like that could grow in the hostile envionment of Tatooine.

As I stated earlier, gameplay on this map is virtually nonexistant. The AI move very little, if at all, from their default starting positions. This could be due to a lack of proper planning, or simply the map design. I myself created a map similar to this, and had the same problems with the AI, even though I had planning set up. All I can say is that this type of cramped map just can't be done effectively enough on this game. In addition, due to the lack of movement on the part of the AI, and the small nature of the map, one could potentially camp right oustide an enemy spawn point and spam saber throws, racking up kills by the dozens. Grenades or rockets would produce a similar effect.

I won't spend any time describing the sides; they're all set up as default. Custom sides or at least different heroes could be an option for the author to look into for future maps.

If you are enticed by the screenshots below (which are present in great abundancy) or if you like close-quarters urban combat maps, you might want to try this out. Read the readme for installation instructions, and make sure you leave feedback if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders.


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Download '' (12.61MB)

Mos Eisley Labyrinth by ={|[email protected]|}=

Version 1.0

Installation instructions:
1. Download and install the patch if you haven't already.
2. Unzip into your "C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon" folder. If the addon folder doesn't exist in that location, create it.
3. Now the map will show up in the game in your list under Hoth Undergound.

You don't need the patch,but if you play swbf2 in 1.0-mode this map will appear as HUG%s_%s in your list.

About this map:
This map is a Labyrinth out of objects of Mos Eisley.I think you will never know where you are.

Map features:

Known bugs:
The bots don't move like they should and so singleplayer is bad on this map.

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