Mos Eisley Spaceport

There are a number of things that could be said about this super map by Rends, but it is probably best summed up thusly:http://screensh...


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There are a number of things that could be said about this super map by Rends, but it is probably best summed up thusly:

This is the map you are looking for.

Jokes aside ("You don't need to see my sense of humor"), Rends's "Mos Eisley Spaceport" is about as accurate a recreation of any movie location as one could hope for. It recreates, of course, the iconic "wretched hive of scum and villainy" we all saw in great detail in Star Wars, and it (most probably) matches that detail to a T. (atooine. Okay I promise I will stop.)

There's a lot to see here, and it is of course best summed up by simply downloading the map and trying it out. What's most interesting about this map is the talented blending of stock assets with custom assets (the map is populated by a majority of the latter, although most are so well-done you wouldn't guess it at first glance). You can walk into an innocuous small building and all of the sudden find yourself in an underground pathway leading to several hangars and walking you under a large part of the map (this part specifically was probably my favorite), such is the level of detail.

What's neat too is seeing several movie locations created so faithfully. It wouldn't be fair to mention "movie locations" without making special note of the representation of Wuher's cantina in this map, because it's been done very well. From the droid detector at the door ("We don't serve their kind here!") to Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, this is a sight to see. And what is truly incredible is that it's just a piece in this immersive map - not to lay it on too thick about the detail, but the map is so large and so detailed that you could play through the whole map and miss something as neat as the Cantina simply because there are so many other neat things. Some other highlights include the (numbered!) docking bays with the ships landing and taking off (as well as... other things) and the small Imperial base, with the security cameras (nice touch!).

I could wax descriptive about the map some more, but the reality of it is simply that you should just go play it. It's an incredible job and easily one of the best maps available for this game.


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Download '' (156.47MB)

Mos Eisley Spaceport Version 1.0

Made by Rends
Contact me at: [email protected]

How to install:
Copy the MOS folder you find next to this Readme file to your

/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/addon/ directory

Make sure you have the Battlefront II patch 1.1 installed
Delete any previos installs of this map before you install this version!

Importand Multiplayer:
If you want to host this map online choose any of the game modes except Conquest!
It will probably crash. If you want to play Conquest online choose the XL mode instead.
XL is a online compatible version of the Conquest mode.

Alpha version tester: Epena, Ace Azzameen, Penguin, Vyse, trainmaster611, alpha
Penguin for the Sandtrooper and V35 textures
JabbaLovesLava for the Twilek skin
OGEB1103 for the Mos Eisley map layout images
Saturn5 for his Sandspeeder Texture
AceMastermind for the ATST and gunship prop
Teancum for the Dewback and Bantha and original Bera model
Majin Revan for the imp side
Mars Marshall(Neomarz)for the Bantha and
Raven Software for the Dewback
FragMe! for making a walking Bantha and Dewback
Maveritchel for the improved Space Service truck
CodaRez for the imperial Pauldron
Super_Clone for edited Stormtrooper files
The_Emperor for the Wuher texture
Jani Karvonen for the Rontotexturbase
Schizo for the Weequay texture
DEVISS-REX for hexediting the officer,Bith and marksman and pilot msh fileedits
PsychOfred for the female Naboo pilot and the bera model
and the one who made the Slave1 texture.Sorry but i cant remember your name
All members for betatesting
and special thanks to Darth D.U.C.K.
for the Local and Cantina anim files
the Aqualish and the help to create the Bith, Ithorian, Commander Praji
and the improved Bera, Ronto model and texture and some model and texture edits


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