Mountain Maddness

Maddness by Dakota_From_SWBF2 is a map that falls into a category of "types of map I'm never going to like." So take whatever I have t...

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Maddness [sic] by Dakota_From_SWBF2 is a map that falls into a category of "types of map I'm never going to like." So take whatever I have to say below with a grain of salt, knowing that I as a person do not like this kind of map and it may color my opinion somewhat.In any case, this is one of those maps that decides to make everything [too] big. Like big, open maps and lots of running around? This is even bigger, open-er, and more running-around-y. Like having an explosion sort've push you a little? This map decides that if an explosion doesn't make you fly up into the air, it's not an explosion worth having.All this is wrapped in a map that feels like it needs a lot of polish, because it doesn't have a really strong identity. The author has tried some fun things, like making the weather/sky change each time you load it, but the map itself has that "test map" feel, where there's a lot of stock Yavin texture and a hodgepodge of assets that haven't been made to fit together.It's also so, so big. Did I mention that? Big is almost always a bad choice when most of the moving around you're going to be doing is on your feet. I honestly couldn't even make it through a full playthrough of this map, because I had two or three straight lives that involved me running for 20-30 seconds, being hit by some explosion out of nowhere, flying into the air, and landing uncontrolled in an inescapable body of water. It's just not fun!The units too are a little strange. There's not a consistent theme running through the units, and they don't feel very polished. There are floating HUD tags, missing sounds - one positive was that I didn't see any awards weapons bugs, but, you know, expecting no bugs is something I usually try to make a baseline, not a mark in the "pluses" category.Anyway, I'm sure there are those who really enjoy the same kind of things I think are a blight. For those of you reading this, you're probably sold on the below screenshots alone, and I say more power to you! Download away, and enjoy.-Mav

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