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Here's a new skinpack for you modders out there, this one is a first from this author. There are a lot of skins in this pack, so I won't go...


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Here's a new skinpack for you modders out there, this one is a first from this author. There are a lot of skins in this pack, so I won't go into too much detail. There's some good skins, like the shock trooper shown below, and there's some that are just simple recolorations. If you're looking for some skins for your map, go ahead and download this pack. Maybe you'll find something you like.

If you're not a modder, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS. Also, please don't ask how to make maps or how to put skins ingame in the comments below; there's a reason we have forums, you know.


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Download '' (17.62MB)

			     *                           *
			     *	      Mr.Bobert's       *
			     *          Skinpack         *
			     *			      *

This skinpack contains seven folders

1. Clone Assassins---------A few sweet reskins of clone assassins
2. Paintballers------------Some Ep3 Snipers reskinned to look like paintballers
   ------------------------Also contains another folder with paintball AT-STs
3. Jet-Jump-Darktroopers---Some Darktroopers reskinned with cooler visors and they're white
4. Mandalorians------------A few Jengo Fett Reskins--nothing too special
5. Camo Clone Troopers-----A bunch of Ep3 troopers reskinned camo-also contains a lava camo
6. Shocktroopers-----------A few Shocktrooper skins, although theyre not all red
7. Others------------------A bunch of random skins, details below

   ------------------------Camo Droideka-----------Green droideka skin
   ------------------------Jetskini----------------Pretty much an inverted ep3 jettrooper
   ------------------------Sadgreen----------------A sad looking, green darth maul
   ------------------------Shadow Trooper----------A Dark ep3 trooper
   ------------------------Shadow Trooper crystal--Same as above, but with a Force Crystal
   ------------------------trooper_lime------------A green ep3 trooper, nothing special
   ------------------------trooper_oarnge_blue-----A sweet oarnge and blue ep3 trooper
   ------------------------trooper_red_blue--------A sweet dark Red & blue ep3 trooper
   ------------------------trooper_rust------------A Brown ep3 trooper, nothing specail
   ------------------------trooper_yellow_blue-----A sweet Yellow & Blue ep3 trooper
   ------------------------YellowmoldyV-Wing-------A sweet yellow moldy V-wing fighter
   ------------------------trooper_FREAKY!!!-------A joke, actually. Warning, VERY WEIRD!!!

Me, Mr.Bobert, for pretty much editing/making all of these skins
ARC_Commander, for the original Clone Assassin skins
Jesus Christ,  for Dying for all of Humanity

Please Dont Edit These without my permission, X-fire is mrbobert. 

And this is the part where i put all the usual blah-blah-blah about how im not associated with Lucasarts(R) in any way, shape or form.

I think ive covered everything, remind me if i missed somthing.


			*		    *
			*	 Enjoy!      *
			*                     *
			*      OR ELSE!!!     *
			*		    *

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