Mustafar Assault

This is a modification for Mustafar in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Battle between the CIS and Republic with two new unit modifications. All oth...


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This is a modification for Mustafar in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Battle between the CIS and Republic with two new unit modifications. All other aspects of gameplay and other units are default however the author has replaced the regular clone trooper and the jet trooper with his own modified units.

Firstly, the two units modified have both new skins and weapon changes than the default units. See the read-me for full in-sight on the changes made to the two units. The skin changes are not to my taste and are colour changes of the original units that to not in my opinion look good, especially the visors. Also the new colours do not really fit in well with the other units kept from the original gameplay, however some of you may beg to differ on this.

The weapon choices made by the author are slightly different to the rest of the units but i feel that this does, improve the fun factor of gameplay slightly than having the default weapons which is a plus.

Further do not set to play in the Galatic Civil War era in the menu screen, as it will not work and you will not be able to play. I would like to see the author fix this bug in the next version of this mod if he wishes to do so. This is not a modification that everybody will like but i think it is worth a try out as it aspires to different people.

- Royal Tycoon

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                                           Mustafar Assault

This is a battle on Mustafar between the CIS and Republic. On the republic side is all regular troopers except for the regular
clone and the Jet Trooper. I used the dark clones from my skinpack to make 2 dark commandos. Lemme splain:

One is a hover Commando and the other is a regular dark commando. the hover commando has unlimited jetpack fuel. They both have 
shields around them. And the weapons are pretty much the same:

Hover:                         Regular:
Mini Sniper                    mini sniper  
stealth                        stealth
fusion cutter                  fusion cutter
thermal detonator              thermal detonator
detpack                        timebomb

I also made anakin the hero for the CIS. I havent thought of a story yet.

Also, I have included a picture (yes I drew it. I know its not good but im not a good artist) of and ARC Commander that I want skinned
for a mod that I am going to make. I tried skinning it myself but it turned out horrible. So I am asking you good people at FileFront
to do it for me (IF you would like to). When you have the skin done just send it to my Gamespy. It is GuitarMan06. Or put it on savefile or yousendit
and send me the link via gamespy or just post the link in the comments section.

anyhoo have fun with the map!


*****Install***** (Provided by Royal Tycoon)
Place the 'MUA' folder into gamdata-->addon in your Star Wars Battlefront 2 Directory.

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