Mustafar: Jedi Enclave

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"Mustafar: Jedi Enclave" is another one of Jaspo's maps. This time set, of course, on the lava planet of Mustafar.

I think this map is a step up from several of this author's previous maps. The things that I've liked about Jaspo's maps are still here - the newness of trying out a map that doesn't heavily rely on stock models is always refreshing. This one, though, I think ends up playing a little bit better than some of his past maps. It's a fairly "long" map, but there's not a huge amount of walking or confusing running around, as there has occasionally been in some of his previous maps.

I also really like the extras thrown in to this map. There is a local team (Fire Entities) that's really nothing more than a retextured Wookiee team, but because of the texturing they do look really neat and strangely fitting (although I would guess that they have zero canonical sourcing). There is (are?) a lava skiff(s?), similar to the ones seen in Episode three, which, while not really adding anything to the battle proper, are fun to scoot around the scenery on.

If I had any criticism to throw out here it would be similar to something I've mentioned before on some of Jaspo's maps - the texturing is occasionally not different enough in places - sometimes it's easy to walk into a corner with the same texture on two different planes (i.e. walls and floors, etc.), and it's very disorienting. The lighting (which fit the map fine) was a detriment to that as well; because it was dim it accentuated any monotony in texturing. If you want to have those kind of textures, I would at least recommend some stronger lighting or shadows. I think it would be best, though, to make sure to vary your textures a little more across your models.

In any case, it's a neat map and certainly worth a download and play. Give it a try! 



Mustafar: Jedi Enclave
version 1.0
By Commander Jaspo

requirements: SWBF2, Convo Pack 2.2 for KotOR

Installation: Put the MJE folder in your addon folder in your C:/program files/lucasarts/star wars battlefront II/gamedata folder; 
if you don't have an addon folder make one in gamedata)

There were a number of Jedi Enclaves on Mustafar before the Jedi-Sith war reshaped the planet, forcing them to be abandoned.
KotOR: The Jedi make a final stand against the Sith before fleeing the planet.
CW: G/CW cross: Gizor Delso's droid and Geonosian army digs in at the abandoned enclave to meet the first ground assault
of the Empire's 501st legion before retreating to the lava mining facility.
GCW: The rebel alliance has reestablished a base in the ruins which has been discovered by the Empire, prompting the Imperial Fleet
to return once again to the planet.

Game modes:

Conquest: KotOR, CW, GCW
2 Flag CTF: CW, GCW
Hunt: CW, GCW
Skirmish: KotOR, CW, GCW


Lava Skiffs are available in CW and GCW Conquest. These can be used to safely explore the surrounding area.

Skirmish mode is a sudden death mode of sorts. Each side starts with an equal number of units and spawns no reinforcements, 
meaning that you must stay alive in order to win. Victory is by conquest. Mechanics: the game starts with 4 cps, 2 of which are
not capturable but can spawn units and two of which are capturable but can not spawn units. upon the first casualty, the two uncapturable
cps are destroyed, leaving the two capturable cps. Nothing special happens when a player dies, so that in multiplayer the game won't end
when the first human player dies. If you die, either switch to freecam or restart the mission from the menu...or whatever.


All new model assets are mine, if you need any of them, please contact me; I might be willing to share some of these.
All swbf model assets as well as the platform and all other components are the creation of LucasArts/Pandemic. They are not responsible for
anything bad that might happen because of this map. Not that it will, but I think they wanted me to say that. Also this may not be sold.
The KotOR era is the creation of Maveritchell and is a part of the SWBF2 Conversion Pack 2.2.

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"we desire to create because He first created"

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