Dear Whatever,

YankFan and a_speck_of_dust have teamed together to make this Mygeeto map. I'll start by saying that this map is nucking...


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Dear Whatever,

YankFan and a_speck_of_dust have teamed together to make this Mygeeto map. I'll start by saying that this map is nucking futs! I'm feeling very conflicted on how to rate this...

The map feels and looks very much like the Mygeeto we all saw in the movie with the exception of a pretty hint of sunlight that leaks through the thick clouds of ash that shadow the planet. The design is excellent and leaves plenty of room for the colossal clash between the two opposing forces. Unfortuntely you'll need to turn your settings way down for a decent frame rate.

It's not so much the map itself that causes this, but the obsurd number of troops on the field at once. It's a nightmare. You feel like you're in a giant crowd running from some giant monster that's chasing you all... I guess a better way of putting would be that you feel like a Japanese person running from Godzilla. Anyhoo, the map gets extremely crowded and laggy so don't expect to live too long. Lasers, rockets, and grenades will go zipping past you everywhere you go, and that's only if they don't hit you. The good part about this is that you can blow up large groups of enemies with rockets, grenades, and mines. That's always an easy way to get your kill count and it's a ton of fun to watch all the bodies go flying in all directions.

In addition to the insane number of troops and the poor framerate there are quite a few bugs. The first one I noticed were all the objects that would disappear and then reappear again. This again is mostly likely due to the framerate, map size, and the unit count. Fix it! The second big bug has to do with the bots. You'll see hordes of troops huddled together in spots, troops standing completely still all by themself, and AT-RT's that are hell-bent on walking through large walls. I suggest checking your planning to see if there's anything that might be causing this. But the big cause is, again, the number of bots in the map.

On the bright side the Republic has been customized a bit to allow you to play as the Galactic Marines. When you play as the clones you sort of actually feel like you just stepped into the movie and are about to shoot down poor Ki-Adi. You may play as Commander Bacara, who is my absolute favorite unit. He's armed with a rocket launcher (that uses the chain gun model stranegly enough) that fires like a billion rockets at once. Trying to imagine a chain gun that shoots rockets instead of lasers. Oh yeah, it's that cool.

In conclusion, this is a severely flawed map that excels in some areas, but not quite enough to save it from a mediocre experience.

Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann

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