Mygeeto Assault: Protector

Commander_Fett's first foray into mapping, "Mygeeto Assault: Protector," is notable as a very solid first map. It's not the best map, by far...


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Commander_Fett's first foray into mapping, "Mygeeto Assault: Protector," is notable as a very solid first map. It's not the best map, by far, but some very fundamental aspects of mapping were touched upon and it's always nice to see that done.

The map is set on a Yavin-esque planet (yes, fellow SWBFFilers, right down - or is it up - to the sky). I'm assuming that when the readme says that the clones crashed en route, it was not on Mygeeto that they crashed. The terrain is nicely done, and I think a good use of terrain is probably the strongest feature of the map. It was also nice to see the landscape nicely saturated with objects (mostly trees and starships) so that it didn't feel quite so dead.

There were some issues, though. For starters, GCW doesn't work as an era (while I'm sure this is completely fixable, if you don't want an era to be used it should at least be removed). There were also a couple floating objects - when working with a very hilly terrain this is always something to watch out for. And of course, I must make the obligatory "don't use the Yavin... etc." comment - Don't use Yavin ground textures or sky. The Yavin sky is alright for this map, but it's very overused, as are the ground textures. Mix it up a little.

All in all, it's not a bad map, and it's certainly worth lauding the author for a good first entry. Give it a download if you like.


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Mygeeyo Assault: Protector

Made by Commander_Fett

Story: The Venator Class Star Destroyer Protector was criticaly dammaged on its way to Mygeeto, crashing onto the surface of the planet bellow. The troops aboard prepare a desperate deffense against incoming CIS forces.

This is a forest map with a crashed venator on one side and a crashed CIS frigate on the other. I added in a lot of trees and terain variation for cover, since I know no one wants another flat yavin map. Galactic Civil war doesnt work, but Clone Wars has ep.2 clone troopers and has 50 guys out at a time.This is my first map, but it is still very detailed.

Instalation: unzip MAP to your "Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/Addon" foler(if it doesnt exist, create it).

Credits: Me, God, and my cats.

Legal stuff: you may not use this map as part of your own mod without my permission.

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