Mygeeto: Outpost

This map, Mygeeto: Outpost, is the first map created by this author. It's a fairly simple map, the sides are all default and the CPs...


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This map, Mygeeto: Outpost, is the first map created by this author. It's a fairly simple map, the sides are all default and the CPs are in their default positions. The battle takes place on a large Mygeeto platform suspended in the sky. Conquest is the only gamemode, available in both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War.

Each team starts with one Command Post, and there are two neautrals, from where a vigilant attack team can gain a reinforcement drain right at the start. There's a large Mygeeto tower in the center of the battlefield, so you can't walk straight to your enemy's starting spawn point. Some other Mygeeto structures are scattered across some areas of the battlefield. I felt that there wasn't enough cover; the map could use more objects.

Threre's a large number of things that could be addressed in this map. There appeared to be little or no planning whatsoever. The AI need barriers so they won't get stuck on objects. Custom units would also be a good thing to look into. After you've played Battlefront II for more than two years like I have, the standard set-up can get pretty boring. Visual effects are another major aspect of attracting downloads; if your map looks too much like maps that came before, or just looks boring, people won't even bother. Change to a different sky (or make one yourself), add some fog underneath the platform so you can't see the ground below, and add some lighting effects.

There's not much more to say here. If this map sounds interesting to you, give it a try. Make sure you leave feedback for the author if you download.


Note to the author - Try to put a bit more detail into your readme. Include your name, contact information (if you want to), a better description of the map, and installation instructions. And make sure to submit screenshots as well next time.

Not a whole lot has changed since the first version. The author added and changed a few objects and added some fog below the Mygeeto platforms. The fog doesn't look quite right, however. Maybe move it down a bit? Since the ground below is still visible, just cover it with a blank ground texture. And add a death region under the platform as well.

There's still not AI planning. In fact, the AI seem to jump off the platform more. Other than that, most of the issues mentioned in my above review still need to be fixed. Go ahead and download if you wish, but I'd recommend waiting untill the author releases a better version.


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Download '' (9.86MB)

This is the second verson to my map Mygeeto: Outpost. It still simple But has inproved alot

The next verson will include  
#1 a new sky 
#2 vehicals like at-rt,aats And a Ut-At If i can get it to work

to install amek a addon folder in you gamedata folder and put MY1 in it.

Creds Me the people who wrote the tuts and
JESUS MY LORD... he can be Your lord to!!!!!

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