Naboo Episode 1

Elfie 911 brings us a new variation on an old theme: Naboo. I feel like I've reviewed more Naboo maps than any other setting - however, this...


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Elfie 911 brings us a new variation on an old theme: Naboo. I feel like I've reviewed more Naboo maps than any other setting - however, this is not to say the planet's worn out its welcome with me; in fact, most of the Naboo maps I get to review are fairly well-done.

Elfie's map can best be described as a map that makes up for what it lacks in quality in how fun it is to see. There are some very nice things about this map and some sloppy things. Please bear with me as I address the bad first.

First thing I saw was the MSPaint title on the loadscreen. That can be fine if that's the style you're going for, but it seemed very out of place (and sloppy) here. There were a number of quality control issues I noted, too. The MTTs don't have correct laser textures or localizations, there are textures missing on some of the Naboo props, there's no map boundary (and consequently it's easy to fly "outside" the map in the fighters), some of the buildings you used are missing collision (of particular note was one that was right next to a CP, made it rather easy to capture since it was a "shield" against the AI shooting at you), your skydome texture was not the best choice (since it had some easy-to-spot graphical issues, and especially in light of the fact that we have a couple very nice skydomes that look very similar), and the Panaka texture was... not good. Additionally, you were missing some music/sound calls in the .lua, you had a very unbalanced unit, and the CIS side was unbalanced (although this may be intentional).

That being said, most of those, you'll note, are at least only graphical issues. The gameplay is decent, if fairly one-sided. You did a nice job putting together some custom sides that reflect the battle of Naboo, including N-1s, MTTs, Gungans, and the Naboo guards. It's easy to see that you spent a decent amount of time on this, and it's a nice step up from your past work. You also (collision/texture issues aside) did a very nice job setting up a fairly believeable (and large) Theed in ZE. I'm encouraged by the amount of progress the author has shown from map to map, and I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.


P.S. (To the author - you'll notice that the only thing really holding back your score are the abovementioned quality issues. Make sure to take some time carefully checking your own map, so that things like the above don't slip through the cracks. Other than that, good job.)

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**********.(((------Naboo Episode 1--------)))***********************
           ///////////BY: Elfie 911

Hello fellow filefronteers!! In the past I am know for incredibly long readmes. Luckily for you I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible so you can play the map already. 
This is by far the best map I have ever made. As the title suggests it takes place on Naboo's city Theed during the great battle of episode 1. 

It has all you would expect from a standard Naboo map plus some twists that I threw in from the BF1 assets. It has drivable naboo speeders and flyable N1 Starfighters for the naboo soldiers side, and for the CIS it has AATs even MTTs that I thought you would enjoy. There are seven CIS MTTs that you can spawn from. It may seem like an uneven battle, but the gungans have a rapid fire rocket launcher with infinite rockets. There is also a Captain Pananka unit for the guards which you can see in the screens. He has Bobba Fett's blaster also. 
	For the CIS I have a normal plain skinned battle droid with a blaster and grenades. The assualt droid has assasin skin and sniper rifle and assault carbin, again from BF1. There is also an OOM-9 droid commander with binoculars and assault carbine, a default pilot droid and a destroyer droid, droideka, with cool shield effects!! Finally there is a security droid with some cool weapons that you will have to play the map to find out!

As if all this is not enough then I also have repair droids which you can see in the screenshots that repair your N-1 as you fly around. There are diferent meshes for each droid type, plus see if you can find the R2-D2 droid who has a custom skin and mesh. 

I told you this would be long so keep going your almost done!!!

NOTE: this is NOT the normal addon format. I tried to clarify this so that it would help the noobs!!

2) Installation instructions

1. unzip the zip archive.

2. run the installer. It will ask you for a destination of where you want the files extracted to. 

3. Click the button with the three dots at the far left of the dialogue box and a window will appear. Browse to your addon folder which should be located in your Lucasarts/Starwarsbattlefront2/Gamedata folder. If you do not have an addon folder create one there.

4. play the map!

5. Enjoy the map!!

3) Credits

EGG_GUTS- for OOM-9 droid and Jar Jar Binks 

Teancum- for Conversion pack MTT

minilogoguy18 and André Müller for n1 starfighter

Gametoast-for all the great help

The guy who supplied me with the R5 droid meshes and skins, I can not remember your name (sorry)

ME(elfie)-everything else

4) contact

Contact me with questions/comments! my email is


~ elfie

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