Nar Shabba Moon




1. Unzip Nar.zip. 2. Paste NAR folder in that into your Star Wars Battlefront 2 directory, which is: C:\Program Files\Star wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon

UNINSTALL: 1. Delete from where you put it: C:\Program Files\Star wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon As easy as that.

BUGZ: *When you try and be the CIS side it swaps to the REP side anyway?? *Galactic civil war crashes? *No sky! (just black) *Fighters WONT DAMN land!?! And thats it I think? If you find anymore please contact me at http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/members/mailform?user_ID=854083

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT DELETE OR HAVE SECOND THOUGHS BECAUSE OF THE BUGS, THE LEVEL IS STILL REALLY ENJOYABLE AND PLAYABLE, AND IT IS ONLY MY 1st SO PLEASE TRY IT! Also I DID try my best to fix all bugs but wasn't able to, I know if I tried longer I probs good of, but I wanted to complete it cause I have been working on it for weeks now! :)

Thank you Have Fun


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