Negative Zone City

How many of you crave crazy new units and weapons in a map? If you do, this map is for you! Negative Zone City, created by the_clever_mail,...


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How many of you crave crazy new units and weapons in a map? If you do, this map is for you! Negative Zone City, created by the_clever_mail, is a wacky new map set in a world where anything is possible. Flaming Ewoks, blue Wampas that can make four copies of themselves, the grim reaper, possessed Jawas with lightsabers, and so much more! I can honestly say I was impressed by this map.

The main feature of this map is the city, made up of Bespin buildings. There's a moat of sorts in front of the city, filled with purple water. (There were some spots that were un-filled, but it wasn't really noticable unless you jump down there) Beyond the city, there are a variety of other emplacements, and a system of frozen caves. The only problem I had with the map design was the open areas. They're just.... well, open. There's no objects or anything. Perhaps some rocks and foliage would help spruce it up? Also, due to the size of the map, it takes some time to get from one end to the other. While the author did include some speeders, it would help to inclue a couple more vehicles; some hover tanks or something?

Like I said earlier, the sides are completely tricked out, and there are some awesome new weapons and powers. Take the time to try out all the characters and their weapons, you won't regret it. There are two gamemodes in this map, 2-Flag CTF and Assault. I played 2-Flag CTF first, and found it very challenging and fun. My only problem was the length of time it took to finish the round; I imagine it would have been faster online. (I haven't tested online, so I can't guarantee this map will work online) Assault mode has the same units as CTF, but your only objective is to take out as many enemies as you can. And to top off all of this, there's even custom music.

So, if you're a fan of Dann_Boeing's maps, or you just love uber-crazy weapons, I highly recommend this map. What are you waiting for? Just download it, already! You won't be disappointed.


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~~VERSION 1.0~~
by: the_clever_mail

STORY: Strange creatures from all over the galaxy have been transported to a strange place. what is this place? this is the negative zone, where normal rules don't apply

each player in the negative zone has found themselves with strange new poweres and abilities that they need to use to stay alive. in this episode they find themselvs in a strange deserted city.

-hi, this is the first map ive submitted like this. its got a lot of the stuff i learned at gametoast including teleporters, summoning, and custom music. theres even a hidden spaceship you can find! i hope u enjoy this and please go easy on the rating! XD XD thx!!

acemastermind (at gametoast) for backwards lightsaber
thunder (at gametoast) for stickman
fragme (at gametoast) for durge swoop bike
neskimos ( for music
everyone at gametoast who posted tutorials

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