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newcis_v1.0.rar —


the classes are watered down (removing useful things like rocket launchers, detpacks, and fusion cutters) to be more uniform. However, more strange than that is the change of the CIS heroes to use a battle droid mesh. Why? Who knows - I suppose it's an interesting thing to see, but I wish that in the transfer the author had taken the time to make sure the animations were correct. As they are now, they share a basepose with the original models and consequently the droids look like they're split at certain joints.Also, the Grievous hero is completely messed up. Okay - I get it, the goal is to replace the heroes with battle droid versions. But why make the change if you're simply going to break something that is working? If you can't make the change right, either leave it alone or replace it with something completely different (like, I don't know, a hero with any one of the other sets of human animations).All in all, it's a bit of a strange mod - which I'd be fine with, but it doesn't seem very well thought-through. I'd like to see a bit more polish, even if the mod itself is a little kooky.-Mav


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