New Naboo Troopers

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This is a MAP (addon folder) that has a bunch of yellow troopers with very interesting armaments fighting off droids on naboo. Very neat, although you can't access the jet trooper's pistol. The explosive expert has an ungodly amount of thermal detonators, and the rocket trooper has roughly 50 rockets to put to good use. Surprisingly, it is a fairly even battle, and I had to struggle at times to win. The hero is a arc trooper with commando pistol, force pull, and force choke.

All in all, a good map. Download now!

~ Delta



                                  NEW NABOO TROOPERS 2.0

OK so noone wanted to help me with my naboo problem. But thats ok cuz I fugured out how to do it myself.
This is New Naboo Troopers but with a whole different lineup. I started from scratch because the first one kinda stunk.

Heres the lineup:
Naboo Trooper
Naboo Repair Specialist
Naboo Explosive Specialist
Naboo Gun Specialist
Naboo Rocket Specialist
Jedi Jettrooper
And the hero is the Force Clone

Story: The troopers defeated the CIS but General Yokin was assasinated. From there a highly trained ARC Trooper Force
Specialist developed a new, stronger breed of troopers to defend naboo. The Naboo Clones were able to make it to Naboo
with no damage done. But the big battle has begun. The republic MUST defend Naboo at all costs.

Glitches: None that I know of

After I found out how to get Naboo in there I tried to use ZeroEdidtor to create a new naboo but whenever i did it would crash.
I dont know what im doing wrong. But when I do figure out what im doing wrong i will create a new version.

Thanks to Darth Cubsdude for teaching me how to get screenies.


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