Nhuurn: Underground



Nhuurn: Underground is a small interior map by TotallyToenails. Hopefully, this is a trend - we've had a couple smaller-scale maps lately, and I like seeing them.

This map is set on an icy planet, and looks like a combination of Hoth and Kamino - an interesting and original choice. It's also a great example of why small interior maps can be difficult - there is a lot of object placement work to do.

The map design is essentially a sideways "T" shape - a straight line of command posts, with one command post off to the side of the line. It works well, gameplay-wise, and keeps the fighting tight and exciting (Jedi will have a field day). The map seems to be, by design (intentional or not) weighted slightly in favor of the Republic. There's also a small exit at the CIS's end of the map that leads to the outside - which is a nice feature, but the outside looks sloppy. I wouldn't want to see that removed - just because you don't go out there to play doesn't mean it's not kind of neat, sort've like the snowfield being accessible in Hoth CTF or hunt - but I would want to see it cleaned up. There are a lot of floating objects out there.

There are also some object placement issues inside - the biggest of which is manifested in a "Z-fighting" issue; where objects overlap they cause the texture on top to flicker from that of one object to that of another. This can be fixed by very, very slightly adjusting one object down (i.e. reducing the height by 0.01). Some of the containers were also placed in locations that caused AI to glitch through them trying to follow their paths - however, the pathing was mostly pretty good (I only found one real pathing error).

In summary, it's not a bad map - not the best map, but decent - and it is a small interior map, which really helps with solid gameplay if done right. So give it a shot, it's worth a try.




-=-=-=-=-=Nhuurn: Underground=-=-=-=-=-

This map is located on the icy world of
Nhuurn.  It is a clone base underground
that has been infiltrated by a force of
droids.  Disclamer:  I am deeply sorry
that I still do not know how to change
the default sky, but you don't have to
look at it much, since it's outside.
And, Mav, you only have to count the
underground part of the map as the
"map size".


The Republic has been secretely testing
a new "Super Clone"'s gene structure,
trying to duplicate it into mass
cloning, in their secret underground
facility.  They think that they will
remain safe, as their base is on a
vacant, icy world called Nhuurn.  They
are finally discovered by a regiment of
droids, and after hours of bombarding,
the droids have trapped the clones in
their base, except for one exit.  The
droids rushed into the remaining exit
and killed off the remaining clones,
which were rushing for the escape
shuttles that were just outside.

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