Now Rise Geonosis



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This map by GolfBulb is a new take on an old subject - Geonosis. With the variety of assets in existience for Geonosis maps, coming from both Battlefronts 1 and 2, and unused assets as well, the community certainly isn't lacking for Geonosis maps.

What GolfBulb's done here is a little different from the norm, and I think that's probably a good idea. Although the size of this map is probably comparable to the stock Geonosis map, it feels like a much more close-quarters fight. Most of this is due to the fact that the main battle takes place in a small area in the center.

This map features more or less the same units found in the game, in slightly different iterations. The biggest change is that the CIS side includes a Geonosian unit, which I think is a fine idea. However, it carries a Bulldog RLR, which I could certainly do without it carrying (in place of a sonic blaster). That is just my personal preference, though.

All in all, it's not a bad start. GolfBulb makes note of this being just a beta, and I'd say it's definitely at a good stage to be that. There are definitely some improvements to be made - for example, the battlefield needs to be opened up so that the whole battle, for the most part, doesn't take place in the center. There's also probably more dust than there needs to be, and it could get a touch laggy at higher unitcounts. Finally, the battle is weighted strongly in favor of the CIS, which in my opinion isn't good, although I'm not sure if it was the author's intent.

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=========================================================Now RIse Geonosis==============================================================

I created this map for the summer,
 Right now i am still working on it, 
this is jsut the beta. Have fun!

And remeber, The Unit limit is set to 100. 



1: Un Zip the folder from the Zip Archive

2. Move the folder into the lucas arts game data folder

3. Create an addon folder, but if one is already created you dont have to

4. put the beta in there


Thank you for egg-guts for the hubs and connections, But i still had to do the spire myself

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