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Here we have version 1.0 of golfbulb's Now Rise Geonosis. Not much has changed from the beta version, but if you've already played this ma...


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Here we have version 1.0 of golfbulb's Now Rise Geonosis. Not much has changed from the beta version, but if you've already played this map you should get this version as well.

The first thing I noticed was that some of the Command Posts had been moved since the beta version. There are now 7 (I think) Command Posts rather than 5. I also noticed the Republic had control of the Spire at the beginning. Kinda odd, since the Spire is supposed to be the CIS command center. The Republic also started in control of a hanger (like the one in the shipped Geonosis map). The CIS had one command post on the other end of the map, as well as a Techno Union ship they could spawn at. (It was capturable, as well as destroyable, which seemed wierd)

So basicly you've got two armies in a small space fighting it out. As well as several Acklay, so watch out. They like to sneak up on you and eat you. I died an awful lot in this map, but that was mostly just due to the fact that the AI shoot at you all the time and ignore your teammates. Just running out into the battlefield will likely get you killed, because you've got those sneaky Acklays stabbing you to death, Geonosians hitting you with their sonic cannons from above, and battle droids shooting at you from all sides. Your best bet to stay alive is to use the AT-TE, or just stay back and snipe from a distance. There are no health or ammo droids in this map, so if you run out of supplies you'll have to kill some enemies to recharge.

On to the sides. The Republic was pretty basic, with the default Episode II clone troopers, minus the commander unit. The hero was Mace Windu. The CIS, on the other hand included battle droids, super battle droids, and Geonosians with sonic cannons. Most of the CIS units are named incorrectly. For example, the B1 battle droids are correct, but the rocketeers are called B2 battle droids, which is actually another name for the super battle droid. So, a note to the author, be sure to re-check your localizations for a future release.

The only bugs worth mentioning were some missing sounds for the AT-TE and the Geonosians. Loading the Geonosis sound file would fix this. Other than that, I'd like to suggest to the author to try making some custom heroes, units, and weapons to up the fun level, add some rock foliage on the ground, and make a custom load screen to give the map a more "professional" feel.

Overall, a good start and a fun map. What are you waiting for? Give it a download! Make sure you read the readme for installation instructions!


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Download '' (66.63MB)

=========================================================Now RIse Geonosis==============================================================

I created this map for the summer,
It is now complete, note "Now Rise Geonosia v1.0"

And remeber, The Unit limit is set to 100. 



1: Un Zip the folder from the Zip Archive

2. Move the folder into the lucas arts game data folder

3. Create an addon folder, but if one is already created you dont have to

4. put the map in there


Thank you for egg-guts for the hubs and connections, But i still had to do the spire myself lol, And thanx for the help doing the lua's and much much more.

thanx to all at GT for the help, without them this couldn't be possible

Legal Stuff:

Please do not redistribute this in any way without express consent of its developer (me).


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