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This mod, by Jaspo, is one of the more unique on the site. It shows shades of Battle Arena, although not quite as polished, visually.

However, what it may lack (comparatively) in model quality it easily makes up for in variety. The gist of this map(pack?) is that there's one map, and the player starts in a central hub. By walking through one of the doors, the player (and battle) is moved to that section of the map. Each section of the map is designed to operate as its own independent map, thus the "map pack" moniker.

And for the most part, I enjoyed all the maps. All were relatively well-put-together and they all played pretty well. There were a couple with questionable design decisions - the rancor map trapped people in little pits and the rancors themselves were pretty sloppy, and the battlezone map was a bit of an eyestrain. I don't doubt that both were intentional decisions, but I don't know that I agree with them.

That aside, I did have fun playing through this map. It's a novel concept and implemented well, which is really all I like to see out of maps. Is it worth a download? Certainly! Give it a try.




One Map Mappack

by Jason Gieske (Jaspo)
jaspojag1 at gmail dot com

This map gives you 8 unique environments for CW and GCW eras as well as Terra Strife (C2 GCW) and Lazer Tag (C3 GCW) game modes while only taking up four mission slots in the addon maplist.

CW Conquest
GCW Conquest
Terra Strife Conquest
Lazer Tag Conquest

Extract the OMM folder and put it in your addon folder.
f you do not have an addon folder, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData
You will need the lazer tag mod installed (put in the game's side folder) for the lazer tag game mode to work.

Changes since Beta:
-Changed the map's lighting settings to accomodate shadows.
-added hiresshadows to all outdoor props that lacked shadow volumes.
-used donotmergecollision to fix the collision issue with the quonset windows in the Fuel Depot environment.
-Added rain to the Junkyard environment, and got the rain sound working.
-patched a hole in the walkway on a building in the Junkyard environment, and fixed an issue with the ceiling being too low on the same walkway.
-Fixed collision issues with a few props by making seperate collision models while making the original models have nocollision.
-Dark Trooper replaced by Imperial Marine in the Rancor Research Enclosure; see below.
-Switched around the starting cps for CW conquest in the Fuel Depot environment because droidekas were too wide to navigate the hallways in their former starting bunker.
-Added Terra Strife conquest, which appears in the mission list as Custom Mode 2.
-Added Lazer Tag conquest, which appears in the mission list as Custom Mode 3.
-Changed multiplayer heroes.
-Made the heroes be random in singleplayer
-Added Archer01's hero support mod to singleplayer.

Beta issues resolved:
Rancor crashes the game if hit with a flamethrower or arc caster - missing ribcage bone the suspected cause.
Heroes are now rancors,and dark trooper is swapped with marine, in the Rancor Research Facility. So, problematic weapons have been effectively removed.
Random sound cutouts in CW era, cause unknown.
The Naboo Queen's pistol sound was set up in a questionable manner and this probably caused the problem most of the time, now it's just the default rep pistol sound.

Remaining Issues:
Lazer tag mode will crash to desktop if the mod (the LTS side file, in other words) is not installed.
Some multiplayer issues; such as, cps only visually teleport on host computer.

Floating Icon Fix: Mike Z, Majin Revan, FragMe!
Terra Strife Sides: Taivyx
Hero Support Script for StarWars: BattleFront 2 Version 1.2: T. Simpson (Archer01 or Theodranis) archer01_extra at hotmail dot com
Random heroes instructions: yankfan1950 at gmail dot com
Some non-stock models were created by me. I modified a few stock models and textures as well. I also modified Eddie's generator03, machine01, and hose01 props by reducing the poly count and doing some skinning improvements.
Others were created by:
Squipple (including Nelvaan: Village props)
Eddie (many of the props used in the manufacturing plant map, and some others, particularly building models)
An as of yet unidentified member or members of the GT clan (apparently) - props whose names begin with "gt1", including one of the exploding barrels.
_BR3AK3R_ (creator of the other exploding barrel)
Fiodis (creator of the exploding bubble)
Sky (I'm forgetting his full name right now - and he didn't list it with the assets) - a number of the junkyard map props, including the wall and tower props (non-Kashyyyk ones)
Caleb1117 (some of the cave crystals, many of the smaller props used in the fuel depot map, the small cliffs in the mushroom canyon map)
WideBoy (props used in the fuel depot map- silos, box stack, both bunkers, and the wall)
={WGO}=Rancor (converted LucasArts/Pandemic's Rancor model into a mobile unit - he said he'll make a better, full sized version, too...still waiting for that)
I'm not yet sure who made the mushrooms used in the mushroom canyon map, but I haven't exactly asked around (I got a pile of assets when bobfinkl sent me his Galidraan map, and it wasn't clear where they all came from...but I assume if I ask him he'll be able to tell me)
I hope I'm not missing anyone else. If so, let me know before I release the 1.0.
All other game assets were created by LucasArts/Pandemic.

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