One Map Mappack



quality it easily makes up for in variety. The gist of this map(pack?) is that there's one map, and the player starts in a central hub. By walking through one of the doors, the player (and battle) is moved to that section of the map. Each section of the map is designed to operate as its own independent map, thus the "map pack" moniker.And for the most part, I enjoyed all the maps. All were relatively well-put-together and they all played pretty well. There were a couple with questionable design decisions - the rancor map trapped people in little pits and the rancors themselves were pretty sloppy, and the battlezone map was a bit of an eyestrain. I don't doubt that both were intentional decisions, but I don't know that I agree with them.That aside, I did have fun playing through this map. It's a novel concept and implemented well, which is really all I like to see out of maps. Is it worth a download? Certainly! Give it a try.-Mav


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