Pepperland: Psychedelia

Well, this is kind of...strange.

What we have here is another map which Dann Boeing graces us with: Psychedelia! Basically, the idea of t...


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Well, this is kind of...strange.

What we have here is another map which Dann Boeing graces us with: Psychedelia! Basically, the idea of the map is, I assume, everyone is on LSD. At least, that's the impression I'm getting. Every single unit is designed in the fasion of hippies, and all the units seem to have invisible jetpacks. Since they're invisible, it looks like they ate too many burritos... :)

Besides ub3r fast jetpacks and hippies, this map also has new strings and weapons. The weapons are usually incredibly powerful and rapid fire in a way that will blow your mind to Mars. That's assuming the LSD doesn't melt it! ;) The strings are typical of Dann's maps, with the strings like "Blah blah blah was pwned by Blah blah Blah". However, some of them are different this time around. I'll let you figure them out. Also, don't forget the obnioxiously bright terrain! :eek:

So, when I spawned in, I noticed a supreme lack of units nearby. After stumbling around for a short time, a droid shot me up. It took me a moment to realize that everything is slippery like ice. To my dismay, there were few units, and I kept getting a "ghost lock" thing, where at the top it told me I was aiming at somebody that either wasn't there or was on the other side of it. The thing that gave me quite a laugh was the yellow submarine. I'll let you find that on your own.

As an added bonus, the assault mode (GCW only) is a fight between the Beatles and Meanies. Hehe...

Over all, this is a pretty good map. It's very stable, but it needs more units. The fighting is too scattered, and it takes forever for the ticket count to go anywhere. I hope to see you improve on this, Dann!

~Penguin Unit~

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/\/\/\/\/\/\/  Pepperland: Psychedelia   \/\/\/\/\/\/\

-----Version 1.0-----

By: [SBF]DannBoeing

Filesize once Installed: 458MB

Map Description:
"Once upon a time.....or maybe twice......there was an unearthly paradise......callled.......Pepperland......" 

Colors and Music surround you as you swirl around and fly over this psychedelic land known as Pepperland.  Inspired by the Beatles movie, Yellow Submarine, which came out in the 60's at the hieght of the psychedelic/hippie era, this map is far different from anything  that has been done in the SWBF series before, and it's hardly even swbf2 anymore.  All units fly and have weapons that shoot dazzling and humorous effects.  There is also a flyable Yellow Submarine with flowerpower weapons.

Music Description:
While you play there will be music playing from the 60's in the background by the bands, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and also a song by The Pretty Things.

Mode Description:
CW Conquest - Trippin' Troopas vs Psychedelibots (basically a Psychedelified Clones vs CIS).  Beatles music plays in Background.
GCW Conquest - Hippies vs The Police (aka Meanies).  This mode is of course done out of humor and fun.  Pink Floyd music plays in Background.
GCW Assault - This is a special Beatles vs Blue Meanies mode with the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper costume going against the dreaded Blue Meanies from the Yellow Submarine movie.

Bugs/Issues:  The Background music is a bit glitchy and may repeat songs, this is especially true for assault.  Visual effects like rocket trails or explosions may disappear while in play depending on how big your computer's visual memory is.  Stability online in Multiplayer may vary.

Install Instructions:
Then simply install the map to the *\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\LSD" directory.  Installation should take a few minutes.  The default directory is C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\LSD.  
Make sure you know where your Star Wars Battlefront II Folder is and that you have enough space (458MB) on your computer before you install.  Once Installed, the map should appear on the instant action and multiplayer game menus.  

To uninstall the map, simply remove the LSD folder from addon.

Note from Me: Firstly, if at any time while playing this map your eyes become stressed or you get a headache, stop and restrain from any intense computer activity.  Secondly, although psychedelic, this map does not promote or support the use of Drugs, which can have very very damaging effects to your health as I'm sure you already know.  I'm hoping this map won't be controversial at all, as I just wanted to make a psychedelic map in respect to the 60's and the Beatles.

Caleb, FragMe, Turbotails23, and Maveritchell for helping me with the Yellow Submarine and Drivable Rock
Phazon_Elite for giving me long and tremendous help on my sound.lvl for the background music.
Rudedog, aka "Mr. Kite" for several ideas and inspirations for the map.
Everyone on Gametoast who was able to help me with this map (there are a lot).
The Beatles for Music, the Yellow Submarine Movie, and wonderful inspiration.
Pink Floyd and the Pretty Things also for Music.


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