A_Speck_of_Dust has apparently given us one of his last few maps: Pharosis. He's abandoning us for Crysis...

This map really, really agg...


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A_Speck_of_Dust has apparently given us one of his last few maps: Pharosis. He's abandoning us for Crysis...

This map really, really aggravated me. To start, every single label is wrong. Every one of them. All the weapons and stuff are incorrectly labeled. Next, I found that on Elite setting, which I'm pretty good at, the weaker units beat me to a bloody pulp. The snipers are annoying, and I died at 1/3 health from a single bolt to the leg...

Now, onto the gameplay. As stated before, it was extremely annoying. I kept getting killed every few seconds. Then again, it's not easy to survive when each side has 50 units unloading their entire mags at you. There are way too many tanks, so the Rebels had me beat way too easily. I lost all but one CP, and even then, with all of my team gathered there, they still couldn't hold the line. Besides this, my team seemed to be stupider than theirs. The Rebels actually ganged up on me sometimes. Also, everybody except the CIS seem to have new skins here, which was strange, considering most of the time the Rebels get absolutely no skins whatsoever. Oh yeah, and all the weapons fire bolts of a different color, too. Maybe if the author had spent more than one day on this, it wouldn't be so hard to survive.

One last thing: Don't expect to get any bacta. The grass is too tall to see anything but what's right at your feet.

Well, if you can ignore the numerous mislabels, hundreds of Rebels, rocky outcrops, tall grass that hides your health and ammo packs from you, and too many tanks, then give it a download.

~Penguin Unit~

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Pharosis: README


pharosis is sadly, one of my final maps  for SWBFII because I will  stop modding this coming September. (CRYSIS, by Crytek, is coming out and I am going to mod for that instead!) So, enjoy my maps while they last. (sorry SWBFII community...  (-_-)  )

Pharosis is a rocky, crystaline planet in the Outer Rim. It has strategic value because of its position in the Galaxy, and of course, The bad guys had to get it under their control, and the good guys had to stop them. I'm too lazy to make up a more detailed story for this map, so just have fun!

Just put it in your C:/program files/lucasarts/starwarsbattlefrontII/gamedata/addon folder -if you don't have the addon folder, make one!

Special thanks to Yankfan for his awesome lasers and his odf for the CIS hero.

There is nothing much else to say, so yet again, have fun!


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